Very tempted to upgrade to an OLED TV

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  1. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a purchase of the 55" LG B6.

    My 46" Panasonic plasma is pretty old, and I've been patiently awaiting something that I consider a genuine upgrade. LCDs and LEDs just haven't impressed me enough to buy any of them. This TV appears to meet my needs for movies/ streaming and gaming for a pending PC upgrade and PS4. Is there anything I'm missing as far as a new upcoming technology or far superior model that would make this purchase a bad idea? Most reviews are very positive. The few negatives are no 3D (wasn't looking for that anyway), mediocre sound (never use TV speakers ever), and mediocre/ average input lag (this is the one I dislike). Any suggestions or warnings? Thanks.
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  2. I'd be tempted to wait until the HDR stuff has settled down; apparently that makes a big difference but there's a few variations of it currently.
  3. This model is compatible with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR.
  4. Specs look good. 4K video is pretty slick. I also like the LGs menu/smart TV the best.
  5. Yea, LG picking up webos from HP for their smart tv os was a huge win for them since the UI experience is a big complaint of many consumers about smart tv.
  6. WebOS is a pretty nice smart TV interface. And OLED is the only real upgrade if you have a decent LCD or LED TV. Upgrading to an LG OLED sounds like a sensible move. I will probably be upgrading to one myself in the next year or so. The wife didn't see what the big deal was until she saw one in person in Best Buy. Now she wants our living room TV to hurry up and die so we have an excuse to buy one.
  7. I'm leaning towards a combo of the 55" LG B6P OLED TV and Marantz SR6010 receiver. Marantz recently replaced the SR6010 with the SR6011, so the 6010's price has dropped by $400 but still has the HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a I need for 4K and HDR. I don't need 9 channels from the 6011.
  8. Current state of OLED equals significantly shorter shelf-life in terms of hours of use. vs. LCD. That probably isn't going to matter for mobile devices, but for something like a TV? It's a factor to consider. They're rated for 1/3 to 1/4 the lifespan and you're paying a premium to get one.
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  9. Mr Buzzkill alterego always has to show up and ruin the fun.
  10. I actually didn't know that.... Personally, I have come to see TV's as disposable, like laptops. I buy on a stricter budget but will refresh more frequently.
  11. LG is claiming new OLEDs have much greater longevity than older models, but of course they're going to push their merchandise. On the other hand, I heard people persistently claim plasma TVs all suffer from horrendous burn-in years after anti-image retention tech had eliminated that problem.
  12. I tried looking for up-to-date info on LG's web site regarding hours of use and couldn't find anything. However, the faster degradation is a known issue with OLED, due to it being an organic-based technology.
  13. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the LG B6 55" OLED just now. Couldn't resist a $4000 OLED on sale for $1800. I'll temporarily have to deal with crap sound until I find a suitable replacement receiver that can handle the new tech, and it has input lag issues with HDR active that haven't yet been solved via firmware, but this seems like a great upgrade overall for a pretty decent price.
  14. I am thinking of getting the same one, but what is the difference between this and the E6, is the E6 brighter?
  15. OG10: 3D and better TV sound mainly, which is a problem for the E6 given it's way more expensive.
  16. In the UK the E6 is only £600 more expensive.. dunno whether I should push the boat on it. But I don't need sound since I have a HT anyway. $1800.00 is a great price I'd snap that right up for that!!
  17. I got the E6 in the boxing day sales. Wow.. this technology is next level. The pure blacks push the viewing experience to the next level. I had FLAD on the LG LED TV before this, that had halo effects. This one is just amazing. Gaming isn't too bad either. Picked up a PS4 Pro, and Uncharted looks stunning on it.
  18. The blacks on my VA panel are pretty good but I'v had to turn the brightness up sometimes while gaming. I don't think many games were designed for true black panels.
  19. I've not tried any PC games yet, but I hear it supports proper Chroma profile for it. I believe Shadow Warrior 2 is the first PC game to have HDR support, so will give that a bash!
  20. Believe it or not, Ratchet and Clank is one of the best games to showcase higher resolution and HDR of the Pro. It looks amazing on an OLED. I wasn't expecting a game with good PS4 graphics to suddenly become a game with among the best visuals on consoles so far via a Pro patch. Insomniac's "temporal injection" technique works extremely well. It honestly looks like it might be native 4K but it actually isn't. The temporal AA and motion blur are probably the best I've seen in a non-PC game.

    BTW, the blacks are incredible on an OLED. I genuinely thought I turned it off until the screen saver popped up. Black is pitch black. I had held out with my old plasma for this to avoid ghostly images and grey "blacks."