Vokul: Voice activation for your iOS device

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Armadeadn, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. I got the iPhone app Vokul yesterday for my iPad because I've been after an app that lets me control my music completely hands free. It does some things that Siri does but you don't need an iPhone 4S to use it, plus it's 100% hands free, which is awesome. The trouble is the mic on the iPad isn't that great so you often have to almost shout at it to get it listen to you but I've been having correspondance with the guys who made it and they're going to let me test a beta version which hopefully will make the voice recognition more accesible. Still, it's well worth the £1.99 I paid for it. It lets you choose music/podcasts, change track, pause, turn shuffle on/off, skip to a certain part or the track and with podcasts slow down or speed up the playback speed without having to touch the device. You can even compose facebook updates, twitter updates and emails using only your voice, which I think is infintely cool. Now when someone walks into the print room I dont have to walk over to the iPad and unlock it and pause it manually, I can just call out "Hey Vokul, pause." if used on a phone you can compose text messages and make calls 100% hands free, perfect for driving.

    I love it.