Walking Dead the Game

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  1. Looks alright for $25. What you think?

  2. "Hey! Are you dead!?"
  3. I'll buy that game when it hits some ridiculous steam sale. Looks like a decent story, but otherwise just a quicktime event game.
  4. Needs more pointless filler with people standing around a farm talking about their feelings.
  5. wait... this isn't an iphone game??
  6. or in a fallout shelter arguing over a button.
  7. It's from telltale games. same guys that made the extra monkey Island episodes, as well as the back to the future and jurassic park games. alterego just posted about it in the ios game thread so we talked about it there.

    telltale releases their games on steam and consoles too.
  8. Did anyone else find the beginning title screen and menu in that video very reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption? And I lol'd at the clip of that guy's car having an epileptic fit straight after.
  9. Really good game and a complete turnover compared to the disastrous Jurassic Park game (which i mistakenly bought and had to complete lol).

    Give it a go!
  10. I will get this...at some point
  11. So I grabbed this for $15 on the steam summer sale and just finished ep1. That was some pretty awesome story so far.. the gameplay is pretty much all quicktime events. The rest is just telling Lee where to go and dialogue choosing. The characters will remember your decisions and the story will also follow your decisions (you have to decide on who to help and who dies).

    Ep2 is supposed to be even better. It took about 2hrs to complete ep1. I imagine all are roughly 2hrs.
  12. 15 bucks for 2 hours... and you were complaining about a 180 minute movie?
  13. I paid $15 for the entire game. The game is 5 episodes. Only 2 episodes are unlocked so far. So assuming all episodes are 2hrs, the game is 10hrs.
  14. Sounds quite interesting - the QTE stuff in the demo didn't really grab me but a branching story that builds on your decisions sounds good. Also, I prefer short games nowadays so 2 hours per episode would be fine. Have to see how much it is on the PSN.
  15. wooooooooooow, so far this game is better than the tv series :)
  16. Episode 3 is coming out tomorrow on Steam and X360. It's available today on PSN.. I have no idea why the PC and X360 versions get it a day after.

    To celebrate, Steam put it up on Midweek Madness for 40% off at $14.99
  17. Episode 4 is out tomorrow for PSN, PC and XBLA on Wednesday.
  18. This worth a full price purchase, khaid? Been tempted for a while now.
  19. I wouldn't buy it full price. I, myself, bought it on sale. You could wait a bit longer and wait till after they complete the series after they release ep5 and see if they eventually do a markdown. The PC version has been on sale a few times already, but I have no idea about the PSN/XBLA versions.

    Otherwise, it's an awesome easy to pickup/putdown game with its own original story.