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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by monsly, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. How about a thread for game recommendations? Perhaps you've got a new system but no idea what to get. Maybe you're curious about the best games in a genre that you're pig ignorant about. YOU PIG. Hell, maybe you want to play a game where you're a werewolf; I'd recommend Werewolves of London. I've got an encyclopaedic knowledge of every game made and several books so I'm happy to help.

    But, of course, we don't do something for nothing. That's what communists do. I've recently set up my 360 online and want some Live Arcade recommendations. Is Limbo a good start? I don't mind how old the recommendations are, I just want to get some of the best ones available.

    Also, am I foolish to buy using my credit card? Should I be seeking points cards? If so, where from? Help me PVCFenobe, you're my only hope.
  2. If you want a good, no GREAT, Live Arcade game then look no further than the awesome SHADOW COMPLEX

    I totally LOVED this game.

    It should be a bit cheaper now too.

    To me, this game was almost Arkham Asylum good...and you know how much praise I heap on that game...

    Oh and if you want cheap(er) MS Points


    I've used them before but check eBay; I've had some bargains off there.
  3. Cheers for the info. Your recommendation Batman AA was on the money so I'm intrigued. Is it a tough game though? I'm not the best at these types of games.
  4. I used my credit card to buy stuff points from xbox live for two years, no problem with it. I only played the demo of limbo and was left disappointed. The atmosphere was pretty good toward the end though.

    I throughly recommend 'splosion man. I had that and it was great fun playing through both on single player, and in coop mode with a friend. Worth the money.
  5. It's not particularly tough; there's a lot of shooting that goes on but a lot of puzzles too. You have to learn to combine your weapons and suit powers to get past certain areas. For example, combining foam gun and grenades to make explosives stick to grates or vents in the ceiling or using your hyperspeed to run along the roof and avoid an electrified floor but there's nothing there that I would say was particularly tough.

    That's not to say that it isn't challenging; it is, especially if you crank up the difficulty. The main aim of the game is to collect the various parts for a specialised combat suit and weapons that go with it although it is possible to beat the game without collecting all of them. However, once you aquire all the pieces for the combat suit though you're pretty much unstoppable and impossible to kill so the pay off for your effort is invulnerability.

    You can actually finish the game in five minutes if you want though. When your girlfriend gets kidnapped by the soldiers you simply go to the jeep at the start of the level and leave her to her fate; there's an achievement for doing it.

    Also, the main character is voiced by the guy who voices Nathan Drake..so it's a bit like playing a sidescrolling Uncharted too :)

    I think if you like AA you'd like this.
  6. omgggg, that game soooooooooo modern metroid done right. i want an x360 just for that! WHY THIS GAME NO COMNIG TO PC!!
  7. It was supposed to be coming to PC and to be honest I thought it might have and I was just unaware of its arrival; it would have prbably had to go on GFWL though since I believe Microsoft had some hand in it.

    It's a great game though; it'd sell a shit tonne on the PC and since it's an UNREAL 3 game I don't see why they can't just release it.

    I've just had a quick go of it there since talking about it reminded me of just how good this game is.

  8. I never got around to buying Doom 3 back when it was released, should I invest in a copy now?
  9. I tried it a few years back and it had aged well. That said, the game still didn't really grab me. To me, the main appeal of the early Doom games was the hectic fights. 3 was far more atmospheric but felt almost pedestrian in comparison. If the suspense and atmosphere holds an appeal to you then I'd recommend giving it a go.
  10. Sure. It's a good game, and the graphics have aged pretty well. I'm not sure how far monsly played into it. While the early portions focus more on creating a creepy atmosphere, it definitely has some frantic firefights in the tradition of Doom and Doom 2 in the later sections. You do get a chainsaw, and you do get to kill cyberdemons with a rocket launcher. My biggest complaints with it were that I got tired of having to switch to the flashlight, and after having stuff jump out at you enough times, it's more annoying than scary. I'd probably wait for a Steam sale. I've seen Doom 3 a few times for $2 or $3 I think.
  11. @cmdrmonkey: I've only gone through the early parts of the game; hadn't heard that it ramps up later on. I think my favourite level of Doom was one of the secret ones where you're attacked by dozens of enemies. Played that in link up tons back in the day.

    The torch/gun dynamic was pretty lame and forced. But, like you say, for a fee dollars it's worth trying out.
  12. Go beyond the first few levels and Doom 3 is pretty much the same thing as Doom and Doom 2, just with better graphics. If anything, I was disappointed that the gameplay hadn't changed that much. After a certain point you're pretty much just running and spraying everything that moves with the plasma rifle and clearing out rooms with the BFG, just like in the older games.
  13. What's the use?? It's GOTTA have a god mode!! It's DOOM didn't they INVENT god mode?? lol
  14. Buy it. Scariest game I've played bar none. That game has made me shit my pants more than all the Resident Evils combined.
  15. Doom 3 had god mode.

    I might dig out my copy of Doom 3 and give it another play through. I remember it being a good game that couldn't live up to the insane expectations people had for it at the time.
  16. Woah! That's friggn cheap! I'll wait for that. Thanks for your help Monsly and Cmdr.
  17. Anything recently released that's any good? Want to pick something up and lack inspiration.
  18. Went in gamestation last week to see what was out and it all looked rubbish. Going to wait for darksiders II (Aug) and Borderlands 2 (Sep).

    So no can't give you any advice.
  19. They've got that dagger dale game on PSN - not sure if that's any good
  20. get that new Legos batman game