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  1. I thought I had seen nerdy but this was extreme!

    Basically, me and my flatmate were in Exeter today and we were walking around the town trying to kill some time while we waited to go somewhere. We continued to walk down the high street as my flatmate stopped outside this shop named the "Games Workshop". He walked inside as I noticed it was a huge shop for Warhammer. The version where you can paint, collect and battle each other. I noticed lots of young kids around 10-13 thinking "bollocks to that shite" as he somehow managed to blag me in as one of the shop guys were going to show him how to play.

    Anyway I watched this guy chatting some sort of alien language and rules and ways I thought I would understand. Of course I did not. I still cannot get what they hell he was saying even though I play some nerdy games like Warcraft and it's own language sayings and to the rules and I actually felt quite embarrassed to be in there while the little kiddy's were pro-playing on these huge battle tables.

    The morale of the story, don't walk in to places you know is not for you.
  2. Games Workshop has been around for decades, just ask monsly, he's a Platinum Gold Member.
  3. I thought myself a sort of geek, but this just took it to another level. Especially since it was filled with kids, and the only adults were the ones who worked there.
  4. Then you've found a rare thing indeed. Most of the ones I've seen are populated by middle aged men.

    Did you not know anyone who was into D&D back in your youuth?
  5. Afraid not, back then I was a big time gamer and a big time sports active. I had a friend who painted Warhammers but that was it.
  6. You've never heard of Games Workshop? What kind of backwater do you live in, eh? I bet you've not heard of Gregg's yet either.
  7. I like Warhammer 40k stuff. Not the models, just the video games. I can't paint for shit and also the models are stupidly expensive. Furthermore, how have you NEVER heard of Games Workshop Phisix?
  8. I have probably seen a games workshop before but never taken any notice. I don't enjoy child's playthings like you monsly. The hell is Greggs
  9. I have suspicions that you may live in a cave.
  10. You have blue veins?
  11. What are you on about, you scamp? I reckon you need to leave Devon and head to a big city; it'll be a world of adventure.

    Game Workshops are pretty damn bad on the geek scale but I hardly think us gaming nerds can feel too superior.