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  1. can't really embed the YouTube link since I'm on my phone so

    new ip from ubi which came out of left field and blew everyone away at e3. might get the game of the show award.

    Now I'm home
  2. A GTA beater. I like the look of this.
  3. Looks like another glorified GTA/sandbox clone to me... What is so show stopping? Did I miss something?
  4. I don't get it either. Looks pretty generic to me.
  5. you guys are the 2%!!!!
  6. make it 3, I wasn't impressed by this, but AssCreed was bootylicious. Far Cry looked cheeky too. And despite my vocab I hated the hostess (and that rat bastard 'YT personality'/ Jimmy Fallon wanabee host).
  7. i fell asleep watching the ass creed and far cry videos.. go figure. i guess i was more drawn to this due to it being a brand new ip, much like the last of us. beyond two souls trailer was slightly boring though.
  8. This is the most interesting game of the whole show for me. Looks fabulous I can't wait for the PC version.
  9. Best game at E3 IMO. The fluidity of the whole thing and interactivity of everything in the environment makes it very much next gen to me. The graphics are great for an open world sandbox game. Very excited to get this on PC. :)

    I guess it does just merge a lot of other games together, but to me it looks like it delivers a fairly unique experience despite this. At the very least it looks like a greatly polished experience on a new IP. The Last of Us just looks like uncharted with a different setting, Beyond looks very Heavy Rain/L.A. Noir as well. Halo 4 looks amazing and God of War Ascension pretty good but they're both old IPs by now, I'll probably play and love them but sequels are a different thing to me - especially beyond the 3 game mark.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but this looks like the TV show, Person of Interest in game format. Which isn't a bad thing. I could probably enjoy playing this since it looks like a bit of a combination of GTA meets Splinter Cell meets Hitman.
  11. There was already a thread for this mate, here.
  12. Ok cool. Maybe I should have checked first. I've heard people saying it reminds them of various games like Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Hitman, Splinter Cell. But the one that everyone so far has mentioned is GTA, although there seems to be no driving which is a key component of GTA. I guess it's beacuse of the idea of being in a living breathing city.
  13. that and cuz your a lone mercenary type huntin down bitches while trying not to get caught
  14. He gets into a Aston martin type car and flees from the cops at the end of the video I watched. The cars handling and acceleration looks just like GTA4 too, pretty realistic for such a game. Hacking is used to unlock/start cars and it looks like he hacks into a draw bridge to raise it so that he can just make it over leaving the cops behind. So yeah, it's very GTA like also.

    EDIT: It's the same video khaid posted up top, go to the 9min mark.
  15. Ah I see, yes it's VERY GTA. That's not the same as the vid I posted. It was nearly identical but after the main dude shoots the bad guy he stops in the searchlight of the chopper and the camera pans out to a guy on a rooftop who seems to be keeping an eye on the main guy and he starts running across the rooftop and a box appears saying "new group objective". Multiple playable characters much?
  16. I remember ichi mentioning this in this thread so I decided to try out this show. Person of Interest is a pretty damn cool concept and I would have to agree that it totally mirrors the concept of this game. I'm about 66% through the first season and its got me hooked.
  17. It seems like a really good show. I catch bits of it because I watch the sherlock holmes, I'm going to wait until the season is over to go through all of POI since I'm so behind now.