Watching "Damages" on Netflix

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by AKS, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. I saw this pop up as recommended on Netflix, so I gave it a try. Seems very decent so far. Glenn Close is unsurprisingly outstanding in this role, but the lead Rose Byrne seems a bit miscast to me. She's very good looking, but I'm not seeing her as a prodigy law school graduate that every top firm is trying to recruit. It didn't help that it took around 10 episodes before she did anything particularly clever. She actually doesn't seem like she's a terrible actress, but I just can't see her as what she's being portrayed to be in the story just as Elisabeth Shue was horrible when cast as a scientist but was incredibly good in Leaving Las Vegas. I've just watched the first season, so perhaps things will change. Ted Danson is also very good in his role as a crooked billionaire.
  2. It started off good, but I lost interest after awhile. I also mostly watched it because Rose Byrne is easy on the eyes. I'm not sure what it is about Australia. It seems to rival Brazil in its ability to produce beautiful women.
  3. I find myself consistently thinking Glenn Close is perfect for her role as Patty Hewes and thinking Rose Byrne should be on a runway modeling.
  4. I saw first season back when it aired on TV. It was a good show/season. Didn't care for the season ending twist, and I never got around to season 2. It's been on the to-watch list for sometime now...