Watching Shia Lebeouf watch Shia Lebeouf films

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by supersonic, Nov 11, 2015.


    Best performance of his career, could sweep award season next year. I've checked in a few times. He's fallen asleep at the moment. Goes for 72 hours straight.

  2. lol I showed up to this after work. They were gonna play Disturbia which is actually a good movie, plus it was a good way to wait out the commuter rush. Unfortunately, there was a pretty decent line... like maybe 20 people. But since you only get in when somebody else voluntarily leaves, you could be there for hours. I think multiple people had the same idea about waiting out rush hour, popped their heads in and took their chances in traffic.

    Half tempted to go back in an hour to watch Constantine and iRobot... wish they had a webcam on the line.

  3. So did you get to chill with LeDouche and watch some of his mediocre movies?
  4. No, this guy can barely stay up past midnight. He's just snoozing in the aisle. They should've done this with someone like Charlie Sheen, I could see that being a good time.

  5. I gave it a look. I saw people cleaning up his popcorn mess.
  6. Charlie Sheen would be fun because even though many of his movies are bad, he seems like a cool dude. Also he's constantly manic and high on drugs, so he probably wouldn't sleep through half of it.