Weird coincidences

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  1. Just had a really weird coincidental thing happen today.  My new office is shared with 1 other person – we were talking today and she mentioned she was meeting with this guy in Exeter to do some music recording.  Got talking about being in bands and stuff.  As part of this I mentioned a guy from a band at school who I lost contact with years ago when his parents moved away.  Mentioned his first name and the name of the school and she looked really surprised.  She asked me his surname and it turns out it’s the same bloke.  She met him in London years back (flatmate of her then boyfriend).  I’ve looked for him a few times over the years out of curiosity but never found anything (apparently he’s very cagey about revealing details online apparently).
    So what WEIRDO coincidences have you nonces encountered in your lives?
  2. What a strange coincidence about Exeter as I live right near it.
  3. Would be even weirder if you knew the guy but I'm sure you don't. PROBABLY.
  4. It would be weirdest if Phisix was the guy you've been trying to stalk this whole time!
  5. What is his name? Monsly stalks everyone SS.
  6. His first name is Steven. His surname begins with T. How does that sound?
  7. Nah, it's not phisix - according to my files, he doesn't match at all with this mysterious figure.
  8. Trivvet? Timmins? What mysterious figure?
  9. Either these are weird experiences or someone was taking notes when I was a kid.

    I always used to say they should make chocolate bubble gum, now they do.
    I always used to say they should make prawn cocktail flavoured Pringles, now they do.
    I always used to say they should make fighting games where you actually have to do the fighting yourself, no controllers. Now they do (kinect).

    I should have always said I should be a millionaire when I got older. Damn.
  10. The mysterious figure is this guy I use to know - his name isn't any of those so that's one less coincidence in the world.
  11. Sega had a fighting peripheral that taped you doing l33t moves like kinect too, back in the days of Sega TV (genesis)

    I have a billion 'coincidences' daily, I actually am starting to believe the weather clears up for me too... 99% of the time I have to walk to work it's not rainy or anything... and I live in the rainy US Northwest where it's ALWAYS rainy. Over 3 years that's a little more than a coincidence...

    No I'm not psycho yet... just not surprised when it happens.
  12. Those were bound to happen at some point anyway so not a real coincidence.

    exBF? I only pulled up random facebook people in my area ahaha pot luck.
  13. Had something similar happen a long time ago in a land far away but the story incriminates me in some fashion so I wont tell it. But it was similar in that some completely random person all of a sudden made a unfortunate connection with another person that I knew at an inconvenient time.
  14. I want more details. Not sure of its intentional but it sounds like you were in a Dutch brothel and someone called out an unfortunate name at the moneyshot.
  15. now we know who to suspect if an underaged member goes missing...
  16. Is it "Filthy" Steve Tate, drummer for Exeter's most notorious punk band, The Insatiable Nuns?
  17. In an unrelated question...are you over 18?
  18. Yea I doubt we have any underaged members currently lol we're all too old and playing with our toys lol