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  1. Jurassic Park meets Dollhouse.

    This show is legit. It falls prey to the usual TV tropes but within a normal suspension of disbelief. Easily one of the best shows I've ever seen.

    But I don't get the bullets... are they real or like laser tag? I see it tearing up the environment so how can they ensure a guest isn't killed? Is Ed Harris some sort of Agent Smith bot? I suspect Anthony Hopkins is some sort of sinister John Hammond, since he's utterly incapable of playing a good guy.

    The show is different because you just watch. There is no sides to take or anyone to root for. At least not yet.

  2. there are a lot of articles and sites out there with fan theories about characters and a timeline of events that you're watching. i wouldn't recommend reading them and just watch it as you see it. alot of this stuff could spoil any big unveils that the show plans to make for the viewer.

    part of the reason why the show is so awesome is because one of the writers is christopher nolan's brother..
  3. Chris Nolan's brother writing the show, based on a film written and directed by Michael Crichton. Is there any wonder that it's awesome?
  4. I binged watched to episode 7.... still loving it. The parallels to JP are even more clear with industrial espionage and terrible employees. Why the fuck did Felix cave to Meave's every request and level her up to god mode? He seems incapable of making a correct decisions.... ever.

    Can guests be killed outside the main town? There is some seriously sketchy shit going one outside of town, I don't see how they can keep guests safe. I actually thought the french lady was a robot, based on her lunch convo with Ford. Was surprised at the reveal. I hope fake Ellen Page didn't bite it, I liked her.

    Also, the pop culture music is awesome. Me and my brother picked out Radio Head and Rolling Stone instantly. It took a couple episodes to figure out the piano loop was Soundgarden!
  5. One thing I've noticed, browsing the subreddit, is that everybody is ducking faceblind.
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    Anthony Hopkins has been incredible the last couple of episodes. I think this might be his best role since Silence of the Lambs. Wonder if he'll get an Emmy.
  7. Somebody post when the season ends. Gonna watch 8-13 in one shot.

    @chi what?

    @cmdrmonkey He was the best in Fracture. I think Emmys to film actors are worse than Razzies. He will be a no show or politely decline. Lol.
  8. People in there cannot seem to tell one actor from another. They thought crazy milk guy was replaced with an identical model etc etc

    @supersonic you'll be waiting s while considering there are only ten episodes
  9. Watched the last few episodes. Great finish but I'm kinda sad at all the casualties.

    I hope AH cloned himself and let the bot die. Show won't be the same without him. At one point in the early episodes I briefly discussed Ed Harris being an older William. But they did such a good job blurring the timeline we dismissed it. The Maeve story was awesome. I guess she didn't reach singularity. I'm now thinking Felix is not an idiot and was working on orders all along. The paper at the end ensured Maeve returned to the park. She was probably storied to do so all along.

    Looks like fake Ellen Page bit it. RIP.
  10. Just finished the season. I'm guessing season 2 is going to be like Jurassic Park 2.
  11. Trailer for Season 2. Some big spoilers in it.