What Album Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. The same as what song are you listening too, but this time for a whole album instead of a random song.

    At the moment I am listening to:



  2. MusiCure: Fairy Tales

    I listen to this when I go to sleep.

  4. Just starting to listen to Chase and Status's new album: No more Idols. So far so good and for anyone who don't know them by now. They do drum and bass.

  5. Shuffle. Wait, that's not an album.
  6. [​IMG]

    3 CD's of some banging hardcore. Speakers tuned up to the max. Loves it.
  7. Gah, Hardstylez! That shit is attrocious, it destroys my ears. I think you need better musical tastes Phisix.
  8. Never! I could say the same thing about Metal and that bollocks. It is all taste. It is so much better when you go to a rave and hear it live. Like I did when I went to hardcore heaven before Christmas.
  9. You disgust me! Calling Metal shit and mentioning that you went to a rave in the same sentence, well that just about makes your musical opinions completely worthless. Again, for shame... for shame.
  10. Metal is shit. Especially when the singers scream the lyrics that all you can hear is a jumbled mess of shouting. Not my cup of tea. Like I said before, it is all down to the persons taste. Hardcore is not the only thing I listen to. Drum and Bass, Jamiroquai and classic rock are others I like to listen to.
  11. I'm sorry but your confusing metal for metalcore and I am fucking sick to death of the ignorance that people have of their difference! Metalcore =/= metal! It's derivitive of HARDCORE music not HEAVYMETAL like all other Metal subgenres are.

    Personally though, I listen to Heavy Metal and Classical music (read orchestral) most frequently. But the intersection of the two genres is by far my most liked music, Symphonic Metal.
  12. I agree with both of you; metal and hardcore are shit.
  13. Buh! Then why don't you enlighten us with your musical tastes Monsly. As of this point, they do not look very promising...
  14. The songs I've listened to today are:

    Coffee and TV, Blur
    For Silence, Paul Hartnoll
    It's not too Beautiful, The Beta Band
    Ring Ring Oo Oo, The Magnificents

    No symphonic metal or happy hardcore as yet.
  15. Buh, it's worse than I thought! I think you should see Grim for some hints on better music monsly.
  16. I have added a couple of songs which I think will fit Monsly's play list down to the ground and without overshadowing the rest of the songs in it turn it into a true masterpiece.
  17. Never heard of them.
  18. I'm not sure Moyles plays them. I don't normally like Blur but Graham Coxen wrote C+TV and he's a thoroughly decent chap.
  19. I use to like heavier stuff but even then it was the more experimental music I enjoyed more. I always preferred industrial over metal back then too.