What Android ROM are you using?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, May 22, 2011.

  1. I'm on CyanogenMod 7 on my Samsung Galaxy S/Captivate, which is based on Gingerbread (2.3.4). It seems clean, fast, and stable, and is updated regularly. The only weirdness was in having to install the Market app separately, but I guess that's due to a licensing issue with Google. Some of the earlier custom ROMs for this phone like cognition and perception were rather crappy, but I have no complaints with CM7. I can see why it's regarded as the gold standard of AOSP ROMs.

  2. I use miui, also an aosp rom (GB 2.3.4), yet is closed source. The developers (actually a company) are from China , and rumor has it that this rom is a project that they will eventually use to sell out to an OEM willing to use it.

    It has some random bugs every now and then but gets updated on a weekly basis.

    People complain that the style resembles iOS too much and don't use it because of that but this rom is waaaaaaaaaay more than that. The miui team created their own apps from scratch. File explorer app has built in ftp transfer (better than the crap on the market), gallery, launcher, dialer, notes, flashlight, custom lockscreen, entire rom is extremely theme friendly, menu+vol down for screenshot, backup app, music app, etc

  3. I forgot to mention that not all Galaxy S phones are supported by CM7, but they're working on it. Not sure when the Sprint and Verizon versions will be supported.

  4. I use Nebula ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S/Epic 4g. I've come to really like it, and have come around to the TouchWiz interface. I used to run CM6 on a previous HTC, and it was a solid package.
  5. You don't have to use touchwiz. I'm surprised you haven't installed something like ADW or Launcher Pro. Touchwiz is awful.
  6. I used touchjizz for a few minutes while I was fooling around with the Samsung Infuse.. that phone's size is a beautiful thing btw.. but it wasn't too horrible. If I was stuck with either one, I'd still prefer HTC Sense, but touchjizz is usable.
  7. I am using stock android 2.3.4 (Build GRJ22) on my Nexus one.

    Now that I have removed the stupid Vodafone build it can get OTA updates as soon as Google release them. Considering Gingerbread was released 6+ months ago its pretty disgusting that Vodafone still haven't released anything above 2.2.1 OTA.