What are your gas prices?

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  1. Just filled up for $3.29/gal. Our prices are usually the lowest in the nation so I'm sure it sucks to be you guys.
  2. £1.29.9 a litre is the lowest price around me.
  3. Jesus. That works out at just over £2 for a gallon which, using US Gallons would cost us £4.92 which in your money works out at just under $8 a gallon.

  4. Petrol prices have gone up about 7p since the beginning of the year.

    You Americans are pansies, complaining about your dirt cheap petrol. Us Brits just wince occasionally as we're repeatedly kicked in the balls. Sometimes there may be a tear.

    80 odd pence a litre... Some people don't know they're born...
  5. For regular, it's like $3.55 where I'm at. Sucks to be my mom though.. she drives about 28 miles to get to work.. so another 28 miles to get back home. And she has to get the higher octane stuff for her car so it's almost $4.00 a gallon for her.
  6. It's $8 a gallon regular for me. I win/lose.

    The hi octane stuff is probably about $9
  7. 3.65 quickly going up to 4 buck a gallon here in Oregon. I hear it's $5 a gallon in Cali. I'd assume it's 'cheaper' here than Europe cuz we don't have to import our stuff?? Or maybe 'petrol' is really different than gasoline.
  8. More likely complex global market manipulation.
  9. Something like 1.40 euros here, very expensive.
  10. Or it could just be that we get gouged with something like 80% tax on the price of fuel anyway. We have our own oil fields but I believe, (though could be wrong), that the oil we drill for and the majority of the oil in the US is not used for fuel for our cars; that comes from the Middle East fields...
  11. The US has large amounts of oil shale that is just now being tapped. It cost about $70 to $95 a barrel to produce so it's only cost effective when crude oil prices are at their highest like they are now. I think there is actually one company in the US that is now trying to export shale oil but they haven't found a feasible way to get it out of the country. The US doesn't really have an oil export shipping system.
  12. Our gas is around $3.20-$3.30/gallon. I expect it to slip higher, as we head deeper towards our goal of becoming the poorest 3rd world nation.
  13. 5 PLN for 1 liter = 1.6$ for 1 liter

    This should be then 5.9$ for 1 gallon (assuming 1 gallon = 3.78 liters)

    The average salary is around 800$ per month.
  14. So how bad does the price of gas have to get before it turns into the Road Warrior, with punks in assless leather chaps trying to murder you for whatever you have left in your tank? $4 a gallon I'm guessing?

  15. At least you're not this guy:

  16. I think it's around $3.50 for regular and $3.90 for premium (what I have to buy) here.
  17. I'm seeing $1.48 in town.
  18. Currently 99.7p/L round my parts.

    What is this thread for
  19. I think that's $5.43/US gallon if there are 3.78 litres in a US gallon.