What keyboard do you use?

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  1. I use an old Microsoft Natural Pro from the late 90s. I've bought other keyboards, but I keep coming back to this one. I think it's up there with the IBM Model M and the Das Keyboard as one of the best keyboards ever made. While it doesn't have clicky keys, the layout is perfect, and it's very sturdy. They just don't make keyboards like they used to. The old keyboards were built like tanks, and had mechanical keys. Modern keyboards feel flimsy and squishy.

    MS Natural Pro

    Das Keyboard

    IBM Model M
  2. [​IMG]

    Microsoft Sidewinder X6

    The only reason why I paid so much for this keyboard was because for the huge volume jog dial. So hard to find a keyboard with that nowadays. I literally don't use any other special feature on this thing.
  3. [​IMG]

    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000. One of the best layouts I've ever tried. I think I use it for 5 years or so but it still looks like a new one.
  4. Been using the original Saitek Eclipse for many years. The thing is a tank. I've actually seen it used in two different hospitals on rolling computer carts. The windows key was replaced with something else so it must have been specially made for medical use.


    I also have the Razer Lycosa but it feels cheap in comparison.

  5. Cool, am using the exact same keyboard as you:p I got a command pad with it aswell, you did too?

    Oh and, its not specially made for medical use, its a Gamers keyboard.
  6. I use my laptops' keyboard. It works so it's good enough for typing which is all I use it for.
  7. Yes ours is a gamers keyboard but the two I saw in the hospitals had a different key for the windows button so I assume it was a different version than the retail one.

    This things feels about as solid as a IBM Model M but it definitely doesn't doesn't have the clicky-ness of a Das keyboard.
  8. Maybe nobody makes them because they look stupid.
  9. Khaid, my mate has the same keyboard as you. I hate it though as the keys seem shifted to one side more than normal keyboard so I always make mistakes typing on it.
  10. maybe nobody makes you anymore because you look stupid!!!!

    phisix, ya they are definitely shifted the keys. when i played wow back right when i got this keyboard, i kept missing the function keys.
  11. Haha, hating it. I do like how you can swap that side piece over to either the left or right side of the keyboard, and the glowing lights are brilliant too.

    I just have a general HP keyboard at the moment. I want to get a AlienWare one some day it looks awesome. Same goes for the mouse.
  12. Aha okej, then they could be for medical use yes, they are really sturdy. I have the silver colored version btw, came with a command pad. Costed only like 35 euro's, bought two of em backthen, one for my littlebrother aswel.

    Only 'complaint' i would have is that if theres trash under the keys, youll notice that as the blue lights are below the keys aswel.
  13. Some of the silvering has worn off on my keys so the light kind of leaks through in places. That’s not too bad considering how old it is.
  14. Yeah and considering the price, its never a bad buy anyways.
  15. All of my forum posts since late 2008 have been typed on the little keyboard built into my ASUS Eee netbook. My desktop has a standard black Logitech USB keyboard.
  16. Unicomp keyboards
    (the new IBM Model M)

    I brought my own Unicomp SpaceSaver 104 keyboard to work


    I am using Unicomp On the Ball 104 keyboard right now.


    These keyboards are fantastic with the best clicky keys. Most experienced typists would prefer these keyboards over other keyboards.

    Even though I have a bit more than 24 years of typing experience, I have been stuck at 500 keystrokes a minute for the past 10 years, and I wasn't able to improve it. Consider about 5-6 keystrokes to make up one word. I think the reason is that I have to lift my fingers away from the rubberized membrane keys to avoid contacting the keys completely. This does improve my overall accuracies, but it puts too much distance to achieve faster speeds, thereby wearing off my fingers quite rapidly.

    With these keyboards, I am able to contact my fingers on the keys all the time, thus shortening the keystrokes. I should be able to hit more than 700 keystrokes with ease on these keyboard (120+WPM). The bad part is that it makes too much noise. A lot noiser than your DAS keyboard :) Buckling Springs on these keyboards are simply more superior than DAS.
  17. I'm using an el cheapo Logitech OEM keyboard I bought off the internet. I love it.
  18. I also got a cheaper Logitech Wireless, but I lost the rebate from Fry's Electronics lol. I didn't like that keyboard; it's too flat for me, but it's slightly more beveled than my laptop.
  19. I'm using a cheap wireless Logitech keyboard at the moment. I'll upgrade when I put together my next computer.
  20. I'm looking for a new keyboard. I just got a Logitech G110 and I'm having problems with it. When I type the back lights go on and off and change color. Total chaos. So I'll be returning it. Any recommendations for a new board? I really like back lighting and I want macros.

    I'm considering these

    Corsair Vengeance K90
    Saitek Cyborg

    I don't like the MS Sidewinder because it doesn't have a removable wrist rest. The Razer Black Widow would be perfect but it has the Cherry Blue keys which make too much noise.