What Song Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by HellRipper, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. To re-open from the previous forum.

    Clawfinger - Final Stand
  2. RHCP - Fortune Faded
  3. Jamiroquai: Rock Dust Light Star

    From Jamiroquai's 6th a new album.
  4. F**k you- by Cee Lo Green
  5. I'm going to see a Skrillex show at the end of this month. :D
  6. Professor Green: Jungle

    Such a sick tune since it is rap with Dubstep.
  7. Anyone remember this one? Just heard it on Radio 1.

    One of the most random videos ever.
  8. Bonus track from Jamiroquai's newest album. only available on the Japanese version. Weird.

  9. Argh! I can't believe how many versions of Bizarre Love Triangle there are! I can't remember the group that did the remake of this song with a female vocalist I had on an old mixed tape, and there's an ocean of these damn things.
  10. Some high quality heavy/power metal for anyone that wants it. Fantastic song.

  11. Nine Black Alps - Southern Cross.
  12. KMFDM - Greatest shit

    I don't really like what they've done with a lot of the songs. Seems like they went too far in editing them. They were better on the old CDs.
  13. I've had Art vs Science's album The Experiment playing in my car for weeks now. I hope the get bigger and add some US tour dates.

    Another album I've fallen in love with since my hiatus from this forum is The Naked and the Famous' album Passive Me, Aggressive You.
  14. Listening to this at the moment. It's awesome. DnB.

  15. I got that stupid song in my head. About all the other kids with their pumped up kicks going round and round.. something something.

  16. Quick watch this!

  17. Have you heard their EP from a couple of years ago? It's also very good but in a different way. I've saw them live last year and they really do a great job - very enjoyable!

    Currently listening to,

    Eels - Not Ready Yet

    Been listening to their Beautiful Freak album again for the last couple of days and it's got me properly feeling like I'm in the 90's again. Yay.
  18. I've been on a Traveling Wilburys kick lately. I heard them on the radio the other day, which brought back a lot of memories and has been stuck in my head.

    It was a short lived band (literally; Orbison died after their first album), but what an awesome combination of talent.

  19. The lead singer of this band just died in a car accident.