What tea do you drink?

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  1. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately.

    In the morning I drink Twinings English and Irish breakfast teas. In the afternoon I’ll drink some Earl Grey or some organic Hawaiian Natural Tea in mango peach or passionfruit orange. The fruit teas are awesome.

    I usually add one Splenda packet to each cup of tea.
  2. Tea is for girly girls, and splenda gives you cancer of the vagina.
  3. I am the odd one out amongst the English who doesn't really drink tea but on the very odd occasion I do its just plain old PG tips or Tetley.

    Mrs Grim on the other hand loves the stuff and has a whole shelf in a cupboard dedicated to her teas, she has odd flavours that I would not dare drink and most of them are Twinings.

    My parents drink almost nothing other than tea.
  4. I don't drink tea either; prefer my coffee. If I do fancy a cup though it's good old Early Grey
  5. I've been wanting to try PG tips but my only option is to buy a box of 100.
  6. Ah they come in boxes of 40/80/160/240 over here so you can get a small trial box if you hadn't used them before. I prefer them to Tetley but I am not sure if it is the magic pyramid bag that makes the difference.

    When I do drink tea I always leave a bit in the bottom even when using bags, too used to being brought up on tea leaves with some always getting past the strainer.
  7. I'm mainly a PG Tips drinker as well, the pyramid bags really bring out the colour early on whereas flat bags like Tetleys and the like do tend to look a bit insipid for a while. Personally, I think it's Monkey's touch that makes the difference.

    I do tend to drink from some pretty massive mugs, so I never really finish a cuppa.
  8. So whats the difference between Irish and English breakfast tea? I think the English taste a bit more neat while the Irish has a more rustic taste. Like oats or malt.
  9. I've never heard of Irish tea. Ive had some good Irish friends over the years and they've never mentioned it either.
  10. I drink coffee. Tea is for pansies.
  11. Teabags are mixed differently for different regions in the UK, to match the water type, so PGtips from Norwich will taste different from London PG tips, for example.

    Everybody loves tea, it's mandatory.
  12. if you want, i can teabag you
  13. Now I'm drinking Stash Premium Chai Green Tea. It's too funky to recommend.
  14. PG Tips or Tetley for me, though most tea's I will drink. The funny thing is I don't usually drink it when at home on my own, but I drink it like its oxygen when I am around a mates. My best mate has some type of strong tea at the moment. It is okay.
  15. I drink tea like an addict at home, I only drink coffee when I'm out.
  16. That's odd, I would have thought all water would be pretty similar once boiled...
  17. Why would that be? Salts generally have a higher solubility in water at higher tempreatures. However if you captured the water vapour and then condensed that, then the salts and most other compounds would be removed, leaving almost pure water (of course you'd have other substances dissolve into the water from the atmosphere, but anyway). Then the water would be similar.
  18. The mineral concentrations are completely different depending on whether your water is hard or soft. The minerals in water give it a characteristic taste

    Hard water has higher concentrations of minerals etc and reduces the amount of lather you can produce from soaps etc and causes mineral build ups in your washing machines.

    Soft water only contains sodium so it may taste salty.

    [edit] Bah, beat me to it.
  19. Technically, it's the sodium and the chlorine ions that give it the salty taste, as either of them alone wouldn't be too pleasent. Sodium is explosive in water and chlorine is just plain posionous.

    Oh and I forgot to add that water hardness is determined by calcium and magnesium ion concentrations, as they form 'soap scum' when bonding to stearate ions which are found in soap. This prevents the water from 'lathering' like in soft water where calcium and magnesium levels are comparatively lower.
  20. Somebody seems to know a frightening amount about tap water...