What type of bed do you sleep on?

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  1. I'm done with inner spring mattresses. They don't hold up for sh1t. I'd really like to try one of those knock-off air beds. The bonus of those is that they will never sag or loose their shape. The padding on the top might but I'd get a bare one and add my own topper. The cheapest king I can find is about $1000. I can get a foam mattress for about $500 but they seem to get mixed reviews over long periods. Everyone loves them in the first month but a year down the road people don't like them as much.
  2. I have a Tempurpedic. Best mattress ever. No more back or hip pain when waking up.

    I've had it for ten years. Still feels great. No idea what people are talking about when they say they don't hold up over the long run. They must be buying cheap knockoffs. I steam clean it every now and then, but it still basically looks and feels new. I would never go back to something not using memory foam. Everything else is outdated and inferior mattress technology. I had a Sealy Posturpedic spring mattress before this, and almost every day I would wake up with low back or hip pain.
  3. I've looked at replacing my mattress, but decided to hold up due to an anticipated move. I think I am gonna get a sleep number bed. I tried one out for a few days at a Radisson, they are nice.

    Also, you can get some extra mileage out of a current worn mattress buying a 3" memory foam cover. It's only $60 and makes it feel like new for about a year.
  4. Seemed like the most common complaint for Tempurpedic is the bed gets too hot.

    There is a Raddson in my area that is remodeling and selling all of their Sleep Number beds for $40 a piece with no pump. I thought it might be a good deal but then I also though they've probably been jizzed on 1000 times.

    That's what I thought but my foam topper pretty much forms to the same flaws in the mattress.
  5. While your fears are well founded... if you are getting the frame, 2 air mattresses, & foam inserts for $40 it's worth considering. Just replace the topper and get a pump on ebay.

    Pretty sure the Radisson uses the mid-level unit, which is almost $3000 new!

    How long have you had it? I hope mine goes a year, I was contemplating just putting another 3" pad on top of this one when it gets worn. I have an Ikea frame, so I'm low to the ground anyway.
  6. lol @ buying a cum, pussy juice, and STD soaked mattress from a hotel for $40.

    Just imagine how many dudes were banging hookers or having affairs with their secretaries or whatever on that mattress before you had it. Men probably definitely had sex with other men and trannies on it. People took golden showers. It may have even seen a hot lunch or other act involving a #2 in its time. The whole thing probably glows when you go over it with a blacklight. And now it can be yours to cherish for the low, low price of $40.
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  8. Ha. I've actually given a bit more thought. I went to a mattress store tonight and tried an air bed. Really liked it. The problem is that I don't know what model of bed it is. The only information I could find online was that they were a custom job made by Sleep Number. So what does that mean? It makes me wonder why despite having many beds they have no pumps. Were the pumps built into the wall or something so guest wouldn't steal them? A new pump with two remotes is about $150. I called the hotel and they didn't have much info. They said to call back tomorrow when the maintenance guy is in. If I can solve the mystery of the pump I might actually give this a go. Sadly it's a 5 hour round trip to the hotel. I wouldn't even consider it normally but these things do go for $4000.

    In case you're curious.

  9. Too many guests probably used the pumps for enemas and now they can't sell them.

  10. My concern is that the mattress will have proprietary connection and I wont be able buy a matching pump.
  11. I love that it's on Craigslist. For those folks the fact that it's jizz soaked is probably a selling point. You'll probably go to buy it and there will be some Craigslist weirdo smelling it and trying to lick it. He'll get a good taste, decide he wants it, but then haggle them down to five dollars. And the hotel staff will be like just take it and leave you fucking weirdo!
  12. I've got a "knock-off" memory foam mattress, but the only real difference vs. TempurPedic is that it was manufactured in the U.S. rather than Sweden. I think I've had it for about 12 years and have liked it. I would consider alternatives when replacing though.
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  14. It's at the very limit of what I would say is a days driving distance. 2.5 hours. It's too far to just take a look though. I'm not getting anymore info so I'll probably give up on that.