What's fun to do on the Internet?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. An odd question but I feel my internet experience is becoming too drab. What else do you guys do on the Internet? I visit just a few forums and read the news. Anything I should check out?
  2. I like to browse reddit at least once a day, you never know what you'll find.
  3. I pop onto hotukdeals every so often. Exciting stuff.
  4. Internet gets stale if you don't have alot of interests. Maybe pick up some new interests? I don't game much anymore so I don't really look up game news.. so that took out a huge chunk of internet traffic I used have.. game reviews, trailers, console rumors, etc. PC hardware really slowed down in the last few years as performance is so great now so that dropped out of my daily/weekly/monthly checks. So now, all of my interest just falls into mobile hardware/software.

    So my daily rotations go like so.. This forum, facebook, anandtech, android subreddit on reddit, slickdeals, xda. repeat. :) I also squeeze feedly with my rss feeds in there too.

    That same exact rotation occurs on my phone too.
  5. My problem is I've fallen out of most my interest. My rotation is PVC, Slick deals, eMail, CNN, and a couple of other small forums I'm obligated to check. Believe it or not I opened my first Facebook page just a few months ago. I never really liked the concept and I never check it. I tried some twitter feeds and didn't care for it. I can't believe the Internet got this boring.
  6. At least you know your problem. Some people don't find even that much out and slouch into some depression and do their daily grinds like a robot.

    I use facebook more now that I've moved away from most of my friends.. along with my friends moving away too, so all of us live all over the US. If you live near alot of your facebook friends, it kind of defeats the purpose as you already know the content of their posts. So facebook for me now is seeing their photos of what their doing, their new friends, and current events of their lives even though I live thousands of miles away from them. Eveything's new.

    Facebook and smartphones also made sharing pictures so much better in this day and age. I kind wanna throw my camera across the room when it dawns upon me how old school we have to do that still. Connect via usb and then the primitive web interface on facebook to upload. They only added the drag and drop interface on facebook recently.

    Also, my mom and sister are on ios so I use facebook messenger with them rather than sms.. as I like to save on my phone bill and don't have a messaging plan.

    Twitter is meh for my usage. I use it like an rss feed.. although it's a primitive type as it has that archaic 140 character limit. I actually use google+ more than twitter.
  7. I would say I'm a lot like Khaid, minus the interest in mobile stuff and facebook. PC hardware has gotten so powerful in recent years that I no longer feel compelled to keep up with it on tech sites, and I don't play games that much now, just the occasional PC game I pick up cheap on Steam.
  8. I just started collecting cards again... it's like gambling though, a losing proposition. I plan to quit now. besides 2013 just doesn't have the flair 2012 (and 2011) had. I'm betting nobody like Mike Trout Bryce Harper or Andrew Luck will come for another 5+ years! 2012 was crazy in the card collecting realm. coarse I never DID get my hands on any of their autos... or even Yu Darvish neither. but I will, Darvish value has already started to crash. I'd only been collecting for a few months now so we'll see. This time I know, it's best not to hold onto good cards for forever. When they crash they crash fast.

    Think collecting over the early months is for the birds. But save your money for September on than you'll know a bit about the baseball/ football draft class and can rip into some pristine product!
  9. the odd nerd/ geek communities still do it for me sometimes... I just always feel so dirty coming out of somethingawful, 4chan or one of my anime communities (grown out of it for the most part)... but it's still good times when I do. OK I don't go to the first two but generally like the links. When their not about tubgirl.
  10. Poker, football, forums, gaming news and porn.
  11. True, although even porn gets boring after awhile. I'm getting tired of seeing skeleton looking chicks or chicks with fake disgusting tits with scars. Porn with naturally voluptuous women is hard to come by, and I'm not talking about BBW. There is some of it out there, Gianna Michaels being a pretty good example of what I'm talking about, but it's not the norm. I feel like I have to hunt for porn with naturally good looking women. I want to see a pretty face, natural C or D cups, and a big ass all in one package, and that's surprisingly hard to find.
  12. a pretty common complaint I'm sure lol.
  13. Fat chicks ain't right, bub
  14. gianna Michaels isnt fat though. She still got woman curves and no chubby stomach.
  15. I think he described Kim Kardashian or perhaps Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls.

  16. Who? From what?
  17. See, this is the kind of shit I'm talking about. You tell people you like curvy women and everyone thinks you're into BBW. I like curvy but not fat. Bfun was right on the money with Kat Dennings. She's exactly the kind of girl I'd like to see in pron.
  18. You're a sick man.
  19. Dont worry Monkey I know what you mean. Curvy > skinny girls any time.

    Brunettes> Blondes too.
  20. I'd settle for watching her eat a ham sandwich.