Which luxury car brands do you prefer?

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  1. Which luxury car brands do you prefer?


    I wouldn't mind leasing a Volvo S60.
  2. Volvo & Saab :p
  3. Forgot about Saab. I hardly ever see them here.
  4. I just want to be simple and get a Lexus IS 8(
  5. Neither Volvo or SAAB are luxury cars; not in my eyes.

    I like BMW's but they have too many "cheap" options avaialable which to me lessens the brand. I'm currently driving an Audi A4 but I'd like to get an Audi A5. Audis' have a stigma where people think Audi owners are cocks; they're pretty much right which is why I like them. Top end Audi for me is the R8..Oh Baby!!

    Another option I'd like is the new C Class Merc, a high end model, but the fuel costs would be just astronomical.

    I would also kill someone to own a Nissan GT-R; not exactly a luxury marque but definately the car I want the most at the minute.
  6. Yeah people will argue that Volvo is or isn't a luxury brand. I think it is. Acura's, not so much. The Lexus IS is nice but many of the past Lexus were just rebadged Camrys which sort of cheapens the name. I used to be a big fan of the Audi A4 but they had a few bad years. Not sure how they are doing these days.
  7. Volvo isn't a luxury brand. They may do some luxury cars but that hardly puts them up with Bentley.
  8. There are different levels of luxury. Bentley is in the Ultra-luxury line along with Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Maserati. They don't make entry level cars or cars under $100,000. I didn't list those because they're too expensive for even my fantasies. They are also extremely rare here in the states and I'm not sure if most people would even recognize them. Lack of recognition reduces their prestige.

    In the US a Volvo is still considered a luxury car. I think that largely has to do with their safety performance which is better than most any other luxury car brand. Safety has always been a pillar of luxury.
  9. I see your point to a degree but there's no way anyone over here would describe Volvo as a luxury brand. Maybe luxury is used more easily in the States or something. Volvo has a good reputation here but more as a solid, safe and reliable car - good quality but not really luxury.
  10. The Koenigsegg is nice too, faster then any British car atleast :D
  11. It's faster than the British F1 cars, eh? You have failed again, my jingoistic chum(p).
  12. Remind me to never disclose any info related to my identity. I have very serious intentions of buying a used GT-R, which are slowly creeping towards the high $50K mark online already. Decked out new BMW 3-series or used Nissan GT-R? No brainer on that one. I always wanted a top of the line Japanese sports car (NXS, Supra Turbo, RX-7 Turbo, ect.), and soon it could finally happen. A year or two away from purchase I think. The 2012 model is significantly improved, which I hope drives the prices of the 2009 and 2010 GT-Rs down even further. I think I can get by without the full 530 hp of the 2012 model.

    As for luxury brands, I'd take BMW then Audi. A relative had a light blue 645, which I drove many times, and I hated to see that car traded. Anyway, I seem to have similar tastes in cars as you.
  13. Probably. Lincoln, Cadillac, and Regal are all American luxury brands but it's mostly old people that drive them. Lexus is the #1 luxury car brand sold here. Is Lexus big in Europe?

    I wouldn't mind having a copper S60. The front wheel drive would be good for the Colorado winters. Rear wheel drive isn't really an option here.

  14. Mercedes-Benz. If it was good enough for the Fuhrer, it's good enough for me.
  15. I like zee Benz too. My name is Ben. And my future wife is Mercedes :D .
  16. Maserati

    I know they technically aren't a luxury car in the sense that it isn't meant to be an extremely comfortable car you can take to the shops and such. But all Maserati cars are friggn' FAST and quite nice to look at.
  17. I think you'll find the current holder of the absolute world land speed record is Thrust SSC, and it has been since 1997. They are a British Team who used a British car built in British.
    British British British....British not Swedish. British fastest British.

    p.s. Koenigseggs are indeed amazing vehicles and if money was no object I would definitely have one in my collection. Not "faster than any British car" though.
  18. Pah, I was setting a trollish trap and was all primed for mentioning the Thrust SSC. You've ruined EVERYTHING.
  19. Obviously i meand a production/road car. Koenigsegg would be the fastest after the Veryon. Even Top Gear mentioned this. The F1 and SSC werent even included, not really cars which you would or could drive on normal traffic roads.

    So yes Sweden.
  20. Shame you didn't say so, otherwise you wouldn't have been completely wrong.