Which Watch?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Which watch do you like for both Casual and Buisness Casual. One watch for both.

  2. The Seikos, the first one in each lvl
  3. those aren't blingy enough.
  4. I bet the very first one sparkles, I know this cuz it's red.
  5. My $20 watch I've had for the last 6 years is starting to rust. Figured I'd get something nicer.
  6. I have a pretty nice swiss army watch that I haven't worn in about six or seven years. No point with the time always being correct on my phone.
  7. I have $70 and $90 Fossil watches in my drawer due to them having dead batteries. It's been about 3 years since I've worn them. :(
  8. I have a Swatch as well but it's dead and I really want a watch with a perpetual calendar. That means I don't have to set the date at the end of the month.
  9. I dropped the gold one. I've always had a metal band. I'm thinking leather might be nice.
  10. my arm has always been too scragly for any watch that doesn't have scooby doo on the face so I never got one.
  11. How about this one?

  12. wow fancy... if you can read that I guess lol
  13. I'm guessing you were brought up with digital watches. Analogue watches are simple. You don't need numbers.
  14. I was brought up wearing digital watches but I think they generally tend to look like kids watches to me. Even if they're all posh and fancy looking the fact that they're digital just reminds me of kiddies watches. Ive got a nice sekonda that wasn't cheap and although it looks nice I've been wanting a watch from Tokyo flash for a while now. They just to bonkers mad designs and have created new ways of telling the time, usually much more complicated than the old system with its hands and whatnot.

    This is the one I'm after, it's one of the easier ones to read.


  15. For nostalgia reason if I was to wear a watch it would be this!


    Haven't worn a watch in a very long time, use my phone to tell the time as it is always on me.
  16. I know a lot of people use their phone, I just prefer to have it on my wrist so I check the time quicker and save those precious seconds so I can continue waiting through overly long loading screens and viewing low res textures all the faster.
  17. Your talking about at home? I have a clock on the wall for that.

    It doesn't have any numbers on it so that might confuse pdraggy if he was ever in my living room.
  18. I can't live without a watch.
  19. My wife tries to get me to wear one, I think the reason behind it is that it would be an easy birthday or Christmas present if she ran out of ideas.
  20. OMG lol calculator watch! I hadn't seen one in years.
    my old job didn't allow phones, there were times I wished I had a watch... I'd just end up sneakin my phone but.