White girl UCLA student complains about Asians. Why goto UCLA then?

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  1. If you put the video on repeat and mute it.. it's quite soothing.. boobings galore.

    god damn, i hate ny daily news' website. my quotes pretty much summed up the article and here's a direct link to her video on youtube

  2. What a stupid bimbo. She needs to stop talking and go back to sucking cock.
  3. I'd tap her. Other than that she seems a total air head and needs some duct tape over her mouth as her voice is annoying.

    I don't see why she is bitching anyway, all Americans are descended from every type of foreign race anyway, which makes America a multi race, race. Am I right or am I going in circles with myself?
  4. True. Unless you're a Native American, your ancestors were immigrants at some point.
  5. Do you actually think everyone here knows that? She said American manners...
  6. What would American manners be? I don't know much outside of shite American teen movies. Shoot me. :p


    Don't worry I am half asleep and thought you said something else. I would expect American manners to be much like English manners.
  7. isn't it quite funny how she can say that and goes ahead and posts up this video?
  8. Ironic indeed. I guess me saying she was an air head is true. I would tap the shit out of her though.
  9. They actually migrated from Asia.
  10. Yes, 30,000 years ago. I think they've been here long enough to be considered natives.
  11. If this stupid bitch wants to get rid Asians from universities, it really isn't that difficult. She and her sorority friends need to band together and pass some 200-600 level math and physics courses.

    I 100% guarantee this bitch is in some liberal arts degree program where her senior year project will involve a flow chart on how to apply for welfare and defer college loans.
  12. the most hilarious part is that she's a political science major and decided to go to a school well known for its ridiculously huge asian population. what the hell was she thinking.
  13. What the hell do you do with a political science degree?
  14. I thought Micky D's was for communications majors.
  15. Let's see...white, busty, racially intolerant, political science major, last name "Wallace", parroting Rush Limbaugh's "ching chong" radio rant from earlier in the year...she can probably take that video and get a plum summer internship at Faux, American Crossroads, or Tea Party Express.
  16. Here's a version of the video that includes commentary by the much, MUCH hotter Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks mercilessly immitating and mocking her.

    I have to say I'm equally stunned that this dullard blonde in the vid got into UCLA. I'm guessing she knows someone who pulled some strings.
  17. I'm guessing she sucked some cock.

  18. Why got to UCLA? To meet hot Asian women of course.
  19. That's the reason the someone she knows pulled the strings.