Wii recomendations: non-vaseline edition

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by knowname, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. I just bought a used black (cuz we all know once you go black you don't go back...) wii off ebay. any recomended games I should get? I have a gc controller and a couple gc games to start. what kind of SD card should I get? I want a rock band type game, which one(s) do you most suggest? Do I get Rock Band equipment or Guitar Hero equipment? With all the Wii party, Wii play, Wii sports out there... WTF man?? how many ways can you waggle a stick seriously??

    so far I'm getting:
    Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board
    Wario Land Shake it
    Boom Blox
    No More Heroes 2
    Super Paper Mario
    A Boy and His Blob
    MarioKart Wii/ Nerf racing wheels
  2. Both of the Mario galaxies and Monster Hunter Tri you should get!
  3. Wii Sports and Resort if you play socially.
    Little King's Story is immense but gets rather tricky later on.
    Sin and Punishment sequel is awesome.
    Ghost Squad is a cheesy but excellent light gun game.
    SM Galaxy 1 + 2 obviously
    Prime Trilogy if that's your thing.
  4. Oh, and you have the Wii-store too for loads of old classics. Also, Smash brothers.
  5. Wario Ware is the best game on the Wii.
  6. I recommend selling it on ebay. The wii sucks balls.
  7. Forgot about Smash Brothers, the Mario games are over-priced, I'll wait on that one. No suggestions on the band equipment? or the SD card? Does any SDHC card work? or does it have to be a certain speed...
  8. I am sure you can get them cheap via ebay?
  9. I found the Wii version of Okami to be a bit buggy when it came to the gestures...almost unusable in certain parts. A Boy and His Blob is quite good if you like puzzle games that aren't frustratingly hard. Nice graphic style as well.

    If you have an interest in motion controlled sports games, try EA's Grand Slam Tennis. It looks to be around $16-17 on Amazon and maybe even cheaper on EBay. Really solid game that feels much more like real tennis than Wii Sports. Also, I have an addition to monsly's recommends on light gun games...Dead Space: Extraction, which is also about $17 on Amazon. Very high quality visuals for Wii and a good target game.