Will the PS Vita fail?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ali_f, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Just out of curiosity. I really like handheld gaming. But the sad fact is people prefer those little pew pew games on your phone.

    Should I....or shouldn't I?
  2. You'll probably be the only person in the forum with it and have nobody to talk to about it or the games.

    A lonely life it will be. A sad lonely life.
  3. If you like handheld gaming get a Sega Nomad. The only handheld anybody should ever need for the rest of humanity.

    Or a Genesis emulator for your phone... but that is the cowards way out.
  4. It's out next month; crazy it's nearly here already. Think it could all pan out much like the original PSP really; seems to be repeating the same mistakes with similar strengths. If there's a few games that take my fancy then I could be tempted to get it on release. Otherwise I'll wait.
  5. Uncharted on Vita = <3
  6. Simple answer .... Yes.

    People are too used to playing portable games on their phone that cost them 69p, why would people spend £30 on a single game when they can get 43 games and some change for the same money.

    At the moment games for the PSP, 3DS and DS tend to be a bit more indepth and last longer but it is only a matter of time before the mobile games start matching the quality and even if they go up to £5-£10 game that is still better value AND You only have to carry one device around.

    I think the day of the dedicated mobile gaming device is dead.
  7. Vita is priced to fail. $250 can buy an Asus 7-inch Android tablet.

    Next year $250 may buy a Windows 8 tablet.
  8. I'm going with yes. Mobile gaming has pretty much turned into smartphone gaming. No one gives a crap about handhelds these days.
  9. I just noticed the vita battery life is rated 3-5hrs. Reviews are showing that is pretty true. Isn't that worse than the PSP battery life?

    On another note, the graphics on this thing is ridiculous.
  10. the ps game gear
  11. There's nothing on it to tempt me yet. My mobile gaming is entirely centred around the iPhone nowadays so until there's lots of exclusives I want I'm not going to bother.
  12. 3-5 hours is pretty much what you get these days. On par with the PSP and 3DS. And pretty remarkable, given the stuff this thing is pumping out.
  13. Your lies are fooling no one, I would put £20 on you owning one within the next 18 months. You can't resist this sort of thing.
  14. It's a games machine, Monsly will own it eventually. Unlike that curious log I have no intention of getting one as I'm not interested in handhelds, if I travelled a lot maybe I'd think about it. It's too expensive, especially the memory cards, and I'm led to believe you NEED one of you want to play game on it. The vita is an impressive piece of kit, especially for a handheld but it just holds no appeal to me.
  15. I don't like handhelds either. The games suck compared to home consoles or PC.
  16. I'll cave in eventually I reckon; probably within a year I'd guess. Should be enough stuff to justify it by then. Does it support trophies out of interest?
  17. It does have trophies, yes
  18. eh, is that really remarkable? its using an arm processor.. basically the thing is a mobile phone without the phone radio. the screen is using a super amoled plus screen just like Samsung galaxy s 2 phones. the gpu is a powervr sgx543mp4 which basically a quad core version of the gpu in the ipad2/iphone4s. the battery life of the thing is no better than a mobile phone under heavy usage.

    I was expecting with the extra real estate they had by using a 5" screen with controller buttons on side, they would've had room for a larger battery. Maybe about 3500mah or so. I see they made a 5000mah external battery though.. that's pretty sufficient. Total of 7200mah with that thing.
  19. To me, handhelds are equivalent to witchcraft
  20. smartphones are witchcraft, handhelds are equivalent to alchemy. that's right, spinning hair into gold!!