World Club Soccer

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  1. USA scores two goals in the last two minutes to beat Netherlands on their home field in a friendly.

    Bah...YouTube vid of the highlights has already been blocked in the U.S.
  2. Is the World Cup back again? When should I come back to the chat room?
  3. in 3 years.
  4. Soccer talk is the worst. It's like they're speaking another language.
  5. Its football.

    Champions league final on
    Tonight. Barca to smash Juventus.
  6. Would rather see Juve win.
  7. True but you know Barca will win through Messi.
  8. My apologies, but the U.S. has never beaten the Netherlands national team previously. It's like 10 Rhonda Rousey arm-bars rolled into one.
  9. The most enjoyable part of this sport is listening to a spanish speaking individual exclaim goooaaaallllll.

  10. LOL...national teams aren't "club" soccer. Clubs are the privately owned teams.
  11. supersonic could've went the safe route and named this the official football thread since we have quite the ratio of European forum members. he failed quite tremendously.
  12. Soccer lol. Association football. Or just football.
  13. Soccer really is for fags.
  14. World Club Sandwich is the thread supersonic should be moderating.