Worms Armageddon

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  1. Here's a thread for PSN perennial favourite, Worms Armageddon. It's a great game indeed and made all the better with a vicious element of competition. So below is the current league table:


    Monsly - 6
    chi - 3
    Grim - 2
    Armadeadn -0

    I'll do a table tomorrow. Maybe Saturday if I don't go to that Italian restaurant that I don't quite trust.

    Tonight's Summary:

    Monsly extends his lead with 2 wins. Or slaughters. Chi and grim manage a victory each. Grim's main tactic of running constant connection speed tests, swearing about Virgin and then getting disconnected mid-game proved disastrous. chi tactics seemed to revolve around random mine detonations and praying. Monsly was, of course, imperious and unstoppable and luck in no way played a part. Perhaps his greatest strength lies in his modesty, which is unparalleled.

    Tonight's prize was a bluray edition of Flash Gordon signed by Rhys Davies himself. I will use it as a coaster. A VICTORY COASTER.
  2. When was the start date for these results?
  3. 2 weeks ago, unprecisely.
  4. Dammit. I wish I never sold my PS3 now. I am missing a lot of amazing multiplayer with you guys. Worms Armegeddon was one of my favourite multiplayer games from my Nintendo 64 days.
  5. Ahem, where's the table, monsly?
  6. Well if youre keeping score I'll have to start playing with you guys again. And I'll be bringing no mercy for any of you, even when all youre down to your last worm, the baseball bat will be put to good use!
  7. Fat chance, monsly's not been keeping the scores up to date. The lazy bugger.
  8. Shurrup. Current scores are:

    Monsly: 11
    chi: 6
    Grim: 4
    Armadead: 0

    I'll do a proper update once my internet is sorted.
  9. What's happened to your internet? Have VM drained everyone elses in order to keep grim happy?
  10. It's me wireless setup going wrong. Got it working now. A table seems pointless though, doesn't it? The one I did went wrong when posting anyway.
  11. Table. NAAAOOOO.

    We need at least wins and draws, maybe a column for how many times you say "this will be a shot remembered throughout the ages" and fail.
  12. Can you do tables in here? And DRAWS? We never have draws. We always rematch until DEATH. Could keep a note of them. I suppose.
  13. So whats game of choice this time round? And will armadeadn ever return to worms after his shameful 22 straight losses?
  14. What game tonight do you means? Don't mind some Worms or KZ3 meself. LBP2's choppiness tends to annoy me.
  15. There's a patch for lbp I think, mainly glitch fixes
  16. Seems to run like a pig when we play. Not a good pig either; a LAZY pig.
  17. I've had plenty of smooth games with people, even from
    Them over the pond.

    I thought i posted that armadeadn thing in the ps3 online thread, this has gone slightly offtopic.
  18. Update time:

    Monsly: 12
    chi: 7
    Grim: 5
    Armadead: 0
    Draws: 1

    A tense series of battles sees chi take an early win. Armadeadn stumbles into the fray and the people's champion, monsly, comes out the victor in a flawless round of pinpoint killing finesse. Grim chances upon a victory, an unexpected turn indeed. The final game sees everyone die in an Armageddon worthy of Satan himself.

    A victory for everyone bar Armadeadn, who heads of to the cornershop to buy some Fosters to drown his sorrows.
  19. It helps the tears taste less bitter. Don't worry, I'll play properly next time and not let myself be drawn into petty conflicts. Hopefully...
  20. The psychological war is the most important of all. It's a minefield all of its own I tells you. Skype worked well with all of us; better than the voice chat we get in a lot of games.