Worst Oscar Bait Movies

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cmdrmonkey, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Crash

    This movie took the complex issue of racism and tackled it with all of the subtlety of an after school special. I still can't believe this piece of crap got a best picture oscar.

  2. Crash wouldn't be the first that came to mind for me regarding Oscar bait. I'd typically think of a sappy biopic like A Beautiful Mind or an epic/action movie like Gladiator.
  3. or in other words, you hate Russell Crowe
  4. Fight Club
  5. Fight Club was awesome. I don't pay attention to Oscars at all though, they mean nothing to me.
  6. Nope.
  7. No Country for Old Men is the worst offender in recent years, in my opinion.

    Gladiator was good movie. Fight Club was alright, but totally insisted upon itself.
  8. What? That movie deserved 3 Oscars.
  9. Your russophobia is affecting your judgement.
  10. Fight Club was a good movie.. No Country for Old Men can suck 5 gonzo cocks for all I care.
  11. Shakespeare in Love

    How this extremely average romantic comedy beat out Saving Private Ryan at the Oscars is beyond me. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow can't act her way out of a nutsack.


    It was an over-CGI'ed crapfest that took a tragic event and downplayed it in favor of a cheesy love triangle. Go back and watch it now and you'll see that the special effects have aged very poorly, which combined with all of the bad acting from Leo and Billy Zane, makes the whole movie seem like a ridiculous farce in retrospect. The only good thing about this movie is that Kate Winslet shows her boobs.

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Save for the scenes of poverty at the beginning, this movie was mostly just goofy Bollywood shit. What the hell was with all of the people breaking into song and dance at the end?

    I am Sam

    Never go full retard. You won't even get an Oscar and you'll make an ass out of yourself.

    The Hurt Locker

    While not a bad movie, I'm still not sure why this won a best picture Oscar. I guess it was a weak year for movies. It wasn't really an anti-war movie. In fact, it didn't really have much to say on the subject. It was just a story about a dude who was a loose cannon and an adrenaline junky.
  12. Be careful. You're starting to sound British.
  13. I think I faked myself out on Slumdog millionaire. I ended up thinking that movie was decent.

    my friends took me to watch that movie and I had never even heard if it. they told me it was an Indian movie after I bought my ticket at the counter... then I was like aww fuck. proceeded to curse them out as we walked to our screen and threatened that I'd shit on their foreheads if it turned out to be a bollywood movie with random dance numbers. I don't think they understood what I was getting at since they were white girls that were slightly uncultured.

    so basically I walked into that movie with the worst expectations in the world. I did cringe when they did bust out with the dance number at the end but at least that was when the movie was over.
  14. I don't know, I thought everything with the millionaire show and how he magically knew all the answers from his experiences was pretty damn goofy too.
  15. yea.. in reality he would've died from some horrible disease when he was a kid at the beginning of the movie and fell in the vat of festering steamy shit.
  16. hahahahhahahahhaaa
  17. Slumdog Millionaire Oscar worthy. Titanic not so much.

    Brokeback Mountain - Yes
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit - No
  18. That is decidedly American.

  19. Figures you would like Slumdog. You seem to have a thing for movies and shows where people randomly bust out into song and dance, like Glee for instance.
  20. I figured you'd like it for the poop bath.