Worst Superheroes in History

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    In the midst of this superhero movie craze, I became curious to see what were some of the worst ever were given I'm unlikely to know about them. Most were probably cancelled immediately never to be heard of again.

    This is a real comic superhero who fought crime by welding carcasses of dogs he caught to the faces of criminals. How this got approved by DC for release boggles the mind.

    This brilliant character has detachable arms he uses to bludgeon his foes. They must have really worked hard to come up with such a clever name.

    Matter Eater Lad
    This guy can eat anything, which I'm sure is a skill that is in very high demand when it comes to fighting crime.

    Color Kid
    This guy has the amazing power of being able to change the color of things. He contracted some strange illness called "Grandin Gender Reversal Disease" from the character Infectious Lass and became transgender Color Queen.


    Despite wearing a huge boar head as a mask and having a strongman physique, his special power is being able to drive any vehicle.

    I have to wonder about the ideas that were rejected. How bad must they have been given the characters above actually made it into comics?
  2. Forget Me Not could be the the worst or the best super hero.
  3. I thought that New Warriors trailer was a parody at first like something Babylon Bee would have created.
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    Trailblazer seems oddly familiar.