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  1. Where do you lazy fucks shop for clothes?

    I usually shop at Khols's but their Apt9 brand wrinkles so goddamn easily. For the fucking price that is just unacceptable. Any recommendations?
  2. get a macys card and shop properly you asshole
  3. I don't have many options as I have to shop the tall sections. JCPenny has been my recent go to store. Decent prices and good styles. I used to shop Eddie Bower for work shirts. Their wrinkle-free is okay and their styles are nice but the prices are high. Mens Warehouse is really nice but I only go there when they have a buy one get one free sale. I hate Kohls clothes. Nothing fits right and the prices aren't very good. I get all my tshirts, long and short sleeve, from Crazy Shirts.
  4. Aren't American clothes massive? We always joke about and say fatties are American small.
  5. They aren't massive. They're vanity sized.
  6. Re: Re: wrinkle free clothes

    yes. they are. I have the hardest time finding a proper fitting dress shirt. I end up going to an Express store and getting an extra slim fit shirt since that's one of the only places I've found that literally says what they mean in size.
  7. Most of my casual clothes come from either Nautica or LL Bean. Most of my dress stuff is from Jos A Bank. Although I've been disappointed with the quality of a lot of the more recent Nautica stuff, and I've been buying more clothes through LL Bean. It's a little weird buying clothes online, but I've gotten to the point where I usually know how the Bean stuff will fit me.

    Americans are only fat because our food is so awesome. Unlike British people who are thin because they've never had a decent meal. I'm pretty sure I would starve to death in your country.


    I would think it would be really easy for you to find clothes. No one buys anything under a large really. It's the fatty sizes that are hard to find because that's what everyone buys.
  8. Oddly enough British people are just as at as Americans as a % of pop. With the higher population density you should come across more obese Brits than Americans day to day.

    Now I must make a new post in my other thread...
  9. @cmdr

    yea I kind of exaggerated my issue. It's more of inconsistent sizing by different companies. even within the same company, the sizes are hard to go by so I could wear a medium with one of their shirts, and have to wear a small with another. meanwhile, my jackets vary from large to medium. it's one big gamble when I order clothes online.

    the dress shirt issue was the biggest problem for me though.

    for reference, I'm 5'10 at about 157lbs.
  10. I've been doing online research and if you get your measurements you can get custom fitted shirts from HK, thailand, and other parts of asia for $25. At that price it is worth a gamble.
  11. I'm 6'2" 220lbs with size 14 feet. Your typical American fatty. I've never been small. Even when I was muscular and working out five times a week, I weighed 200lbs. I was Khaid's height and weight when I was like 9 or 10 years old. Anyway, I tend to order online otherwise I'm competing with the other fatties for the fatty sizes.

    Edit: Oh and I don't eat like an asshole either. I eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. I'm just huge for some reason.
  12. It's the same anywhere unless you buy tailored. When I was younger, I could be medium or small, now I'm medium or large. Some Jackets in medium are way too tight around the chest/shoulders/upper arms, but large will have sleeves that are just a little too long. Typically I'm medium for shirts if they aren't too tight of a fit (tighter fit is becoming less popular it seems) and large for jackets if they aren't made for orangutans.

    I like a shirt that actually has shape to it, but not so much as it only leaves a cm space around my arms which seemed to be the style in my earlier adult hood 3-8 years ago.

    I'm 182cm or just under 6" and now 74kg or 163lbs. I've lost some weight recently through diet and frankly I'm glad I did. I don't like the mentality of being as heavy as possible without being obviously fat. I was 82kg or 180lbs which was both more muscle and fat (around the gut, mainly). I was definitely not fat, more just a little bit bulked for my build... I want to keep a muscular physique, but no longer at the cost of looking generally bulky and constantly posed like you look like you're ready to hit someone. I can't stand other people who strive to look that way, it's usually reflected by their personality, or if not, everyone expects as much from them.

  13. yeah I'm watching Dr. Who S2 and the heroin has a 'Wichita Falls' T-shirt on I found that oddly distracting not just because it covered up her XXL boobs but cuz where in Europe is Wichita Falls? It's a native american word I doubt there is such a Eu city.

    In the same respect I'd expect those custom shirts from india to say something like 'I love New Delhi'. I HATE completely random phraises makes you look like you buy your clothes at Goodwill. Not that there's anything wrong with that... if it looks clean (personal experience, if it looks like some kid threw up on your Goodwill jeans DON'T BUY IT!! I don't even know if they wash those things before they sell it).