Wuhan Coronavirus

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  1. Are we all doomed? Do I need to buy some hand sanitizer?
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    It's quite bad. 40 died and 1400+ infected. If this spreads to say 10000, then stats say 3500 will die. Apparently the elderly are most of the fatalities.

    Chinese government are not really giving out actual figures so it's likely that the numbers are much higher.

    I've been hearing about this virus from December in meme sites like 9gag. Should have been quarantined long ago. The next month is critical.

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  3. 2 cases in the US. 2 in France. 1 in Canada. 1 in Australia. Thousands in China.
  4. Are they turning away flights like they did with ebola? People seem to be nonchalant strolling into the country from Wuhan. Then everyone is shocked!
  5. I'd imagine they have by now. If not, it's probably too late as the virus incubate for a week before symptoms show up.

    Media are really upping the scare tactics

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  6. China is now saying a person can have the virus for up to two weeks before showing any symptoms and they are contagious during the time.
  7. So yeah, we're doomed. Even my work place in Central London have started to get staff to work from home.

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  8. I live in Washington, very close to the first cases to hit the US. Just do yourselves a favor and buy a few extra rolls of tp. Grocery stores are having some trouble keeping up with the “panic”. Although, my concern does rise now that it’s allergy season as well.

    Kinda reminds me of Plague inc. I would sometime play and time the symptom evolutions to coincide with normal flu times and allergy seasons. It was possible to go undetected for years as long as I devolved the virus during summer and fall. But the points aren’t infinite and eventually it would run out of steam.

    They are saying it evolved before it even hit the US. Two early victims had two different strains.

  9. We might have our first case in my city. The schools have been discussing closing down.
  10. Tom Hanks and his wife got it and are self quarantined in Australia. Not a big deal for Tom Hanks but would be a nightmare for the rest of us.

    @bfun good call on the UK cancellation. My worst nightmare would be to be trapped abroad. You could go broke paying for a hotel indefinitely.
  11. I'm more concerned about the panic than I am about the virus right now. We can take precautions against the virus. I've got my kids on a more strict hand washing routine than I usually expect of them.

    We have only two confirmed cases in Palm Beach County, yet the grocery stores look like the apocalypse is imminent. Thank goodness I normally keep a small stock of TP. When I hurricane prep, I will keep some spare gasoline. I'm considering getting some now, as stupid as it sounds, because people are starting to hoard every commodity here.
  12. when the hell did you move to palm beach county. that's my old stomping grounds.
  13. It's not much better down here in Broward. This was the TP/paper towel area of my local Costco.

  14. Yep, it's t he same situation here in London. I've been working from home the entire last week. The firm I work for is requesting everyone to work from home on Tuesday to stress test servers. If it all looks good, then won't be surprised that everyone will end up working from home after that.
  15. I’m worried this is going to be the start of a recession. Markets are down 30% and mass layoffs have already begun in certain sectors.

    This virus is going to die off in the summer. But the damage may already be done.
  16. Well, it's likely to come back in yearly cycles, but no idea if it will spread globally . The problem is nobody knows the long term effect of the damage it does to the lungs.

    Now to the vaccine, sources say its passed animal testing and will be going human trials soon. But we are a long way before it becomes avail for all.

    Also I wonder what the anti vaxxers think of all this

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  17. I think my work is going to run a stress test on the same day. I'm 90% certain it will fail hard.

    It's the uncertainty and unknown that is causing all the damage. It seems like a little preparation might have helped a whole lot.
  18. Now... I don't suppose you work for a company which begins with a letter 'D'? Quite a coincidence if the same test is happening on the same day lol
  19. Lack of strong, decisive leadership too. Trump handled this crisis just as badly as you would expect.
  20. I'm pretty sure he just makes shit up every time he speaks. Yesterday he said Google was going to develop some kind of website to help with testing and Google had no idea what he was talking about.