Xbox 360 Getting New Disc Format?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Interesting.

    Any ideas on what it could be?
  2. It's got to be blu-ray hasn't it? Or holo discs! Paving the way for "Project Win" I tell thee.
  3. I can't see them introducing a new disc format that requires hardware for the 360. I'd have though their next console would be bluray based too. So, in conclusion, fuck knows.
  4. IGN says it will not be blue-ray. I seem to think the same thing. I have no idea what it could be though.
  5. Potentially HD-DVD could return. The format itself isn't dead; it's just dead for movies. Since Microsoft are a part of the patent holders and committee that defined the standard it's a possibility.

    If they're talking about some upgrade to exisiting hardware, it's either going to be some new medium that can be read in a standard DVD reader with larger capacity like the dreamcasts "GIGADISCS" or a security testing phase where they try out new disc security.

    My guess anyway.
  6. perhaps their actually testing a mobile game system and will make something (like the super gameboy) that would let you play those games on your 360. If so I'd advise they dump it, it's a dumb idea.
  7. I would not be happy if this was the case, I threw out my 360 HD-DVD drive last week during the move as I saw it as a waste of space. Thing hadn't been used in more than 2 years!
  8. Does that count as anti-xbox behaviour?
  9. Probably.

    Of course the correct thing to do would have been to keep it in an air tight clear box and put it on display as a testament to how great the XBOX is.
  10. How did you boys jump to Blu-ray and HD-DVD speculations? Testers will receive a copy of Halo Reach, yes? I didn't see any mention of an updated console with a new drive, or an external drive.

    Xbox 360 games have used 7GB of DVD9 (8GB) media, leaving 1GB reserved for security. The new format may use all or part of that 1GB for game data.
  11. Update.

  12. Seems the Chair was right ;)
  13. Did anybody hear about some red ray Microsoft created more powerful and beyond blueray experience:
    ...Well! that was years ago but who knows.

    Is this true piracy is going to die.
  14. so true here's is the news: