Xbox One vs PS4 Graphics... Go!

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  1. Last Christmas, I had a horrible time. I got Driveclub, CoD:AW, and Guilty Gear XRD for my PS4. I was going to geek out on my time off, but… PSN was offline. It was down the entire holiday. That was totally unacceptable. And then Driveclub ended up blowing and Guilty Gear ended up being so-so. That left CoD:AW, a surprise gift, as my best shooter. Now just how wrong is that??? :mad:

    Well, that put me on a collision course with the infamous Xbox One. It was online during the holidays and it had Forza Horizons 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Killer Instinct. I wanted those. And every time that I’d load CoD in my PS4, I wanted those Xbone games more & more. So when I income tax came in, I got one. It was the Master Chief edition and I added Forza Horizons 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Killer Instinct. The Xbone worked perfectly. It truly is next gen. Even the controllers have forced feedback triggers, which works great in shooters. I even bought Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare for it even though I already owned it on my PS4. Yeah. I got it on both and I play it on the Xbone because of those triggers. So I ended up loving the system and it’s getting the majority of my gaming time.

    Anyway, my 12 yr old nephew said something last May that caught me by surprise. He was on my Xbone playing Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, when he said, "This looks better than the PS4." I went, “Huh? Really???” He said, “Yeah. Look at the grass.” So after he left I checked. He's right. The Xbone version has better texture detail. I couldn’t figure out why? They each have their now HDMI port on my 1080p HDTV so I can switch between them on the fly. The Xbone version looks better, but the numbers claim that the PS4 is better. Now I remember Major Nelson making similar comments before the launch and then Gamespot did the comparison that tricked everyone. But I didn’t want to believe that I could be tricked. I’m a graphics fanboy. I have a gaming laptop and a Macbook Pro! Now I'm seeing better graphics on the Xbone. Why? DirectX > OpenGL? Perhaps? I really don't know. But it’s really happening. 

So last month, that pushed me over the edge. I made the decision to make all of my purchases on the Xbone and phase out the PS4. Better controller and better graphics. I’m in. So I bought Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, and Farcry 4 for my Xbone. And I’m avoiding my PS4. And you know what? My nephew repeated that graphics comment last week when he was playing Batman Arkham Knight. “Hey. This looks better here too.” I looked at him, “You played this on the PS4?” He said, “Yep. A friends got one. He should have got the XB1.” "Yeah, kiddo. He should have." 8)
  2. Since I was beaten to the troll post, I will post a serious reply.

    1. XBLive also got hacked by those lizard people last christmas/newyear.
    2. Does marginally better graphics outweight more users on PSN? You're more likely to find a game on multiplayer.
  3. one of those lizard kids that got caught got a joke sentencing. something like a 2 year suspended sentence no jail time. this is given the fact that he made bomb threats and swatted people. go finland.
  4. Xbox Live was hacked, but MS got it back up really fast. I didn't even notice any downtime on my 360. However, my PS4 was offline until after the holiday weekend was over.

    Yeah, I've got a bigger friend list on my PS4 than I do on my Xbone. Largely thanks to NeoGAF. But they're usually playing Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight - games which aren't known for their multiplayer. The multiplayer games that I'm really into - Titanfall and Forza Horizons 2 - are Xbox exclusives. So I don't have any problems finding games.
  5. There are plenty of dudebros and elderly people who can't even tell the difference between SD and HD. What's your point?

    The Gamespot test is moronic anyway. The video clips are all forced to 1080p/60fps. Except in reality, the PC is the only system capable of achieving 1080p/60fps all the time in actual gameplay.
  6. I get the point of that video. I really doubt most people can tell the difference between the Xbox and PS4 if they don't have a side by side comparison. Even if there is a side by side comparison it's hard to tell without really searching for the differences. PC is a different story but often you trade noticeably better graphics for crappy porting flaws so it's not always a clear win.

    Titanfall is one game where I can easily spot the difference but that's because they made the game so dark on the Xbox.


    Now guess which is which.

  7. That's funny, because when I watched that video originally I figured that the dark mountain path section was the most likely to be the Xbox.
  8. From the video I was able to guess #2 was PC, but only after freeze framing. In motion, they all looked the same.... if you froze all 3 at a spot the gun and trees on #2 had more detail.
  9. This kind of shitty thread makes me wonder what gripper or that other guy would have done this generation. PS4 is smashing the bone in terms of sales, multiformat stuff is switched this gen and with a bigger advantage this time for Sony. Guess that leaves network reliability. You could argue about exclusives but that's very subjective, although clearly the PS4's better for more discerning gamers.
  10. I think your nephew was just being a 12 year old. The differences are minute but the PS4 edges out the XBO in both games with slightly more attention to detail. I cannot emphasis slightly enough...

    Even in the YouTube thumbnails below, you can see the PS4 edge out the XBO.
  11. Not sure if any normal person would ever be able to tell the difference if they weren't side by side.
  12. @bfun I doubt most could tell them apart from PC..

    Haha, I tried to clean it up a bit.. I'm 70/30 on this being a troll thread. But it's kinda fun.

    And customer satisfaction. $150 to fix Sony's 2.5 update bricking systems out of warranty.
  13. [​IMG]

    Seriously? I can easily see that the Xbone version is clearer and more defined in this small preview. :)
  14. The one on the right is brighter but the left has more detail in the stones and is less blurry further out.
  15. But why is the PS4 version lacking the lighting on the Chomper?
  16. Because the scene is slightly different. There is a shadow being cast on the PS4 scene that you can see end on the pavement a few ft from view where on the XO you can only see a little bit of the shadow at the bottom centre.
  17. There's a storm coming.


    Crackdown may be only the tip of the iceberg. Sony fanboys, upgrade to Xbox One now to be ahead of the game. There's no escaping the inevitable!
  18. I guess that explains why the RV is missing some lighting too. It's in the shade. And I'm not sure what you're referring to with the stones. They look sharper to me on the XB1 screen. And turning DOF off on the PS4 isn't a feature. It's a problem.

    Seriously. The PS4 should be mopping the floor with the XB1. But it isn't. So this isn't about numbers. It's coming down to OpenGL vs DirectX. And DirectX is going to win every-time. 8)
  19. That direct X 12 probably worked its magic too