XBOX One X: 5 to 6 times as powerful as PS4 Pro?

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  1. Microsoft is getting ready for something. This report was from April.

    Now there's a new rumor saying that the new Xbox will be 5 to 6 times as powerful as the Neo.

    "I got to to read some slides from Microsoft and AMD about the new Xbox, it is in effect a new model, not a re-visitation of one. They should announce this year at a separate event at E3 2016, but still a few days before fair. the announcement will be made this year but the release of the Xbox next is expected no earlier than next spring, to read the roadmap. It will be open to change hardware, I did not understand if via upgrade or if talking about modifications which may operate on-the-fly, before the release, it will be already extremely powerful starting, I think 5-6 times PS4 Neo, we are something in the order of over 10 TFLOPS, or so."
    This could be true. Back in 2001, Microsoft used unreleased GPU technology in the original Xbox and it eclipsed everything around it. It cost them a bundle, but they have been cancelling stuff left & right to save money. Maybe they have bought some cutting edge stuff from AMD.

    As for Sony.

    "We are so happy," Yoshida said. "But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what's happening. You need to understand why your products are selling well so you can plan for the future, right? It defied the conventional thinking."

    They're clueless. So any new Xbox will knock them for a loop.
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    I really believe that they'll do it. There will be a new next gen Xbox and they'll try to erase their past mistakes. What sold me on the Xbox brand is this video that I watched last year.

    I had no idea that the Xbox team had so much opposition from the other Microsoft divisions. Everyone wanted a piece of it and they wanted Xbox to help their division, no matter how outrageous. Well after E3 2013, those idiots have been been reigned in and the dead weight has been let go. Only one thing remains. "Resolution Gate." And this new 10 TFLOP Xbox will do wonders in that area.
  4. 10 TFLOPS, so you're expecting gtx 1080 levels of performance. Those things are only $600 a piece. Good luck to M$ if they try to flog a $800+ console.
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    It's already happened once in 2001. How did they keep the price of the original Xbox down? I did some quick searches and I came up with these specs and prices from 2001...

    GeForce 2 GTS
    Raw Fillrate:800 Mpixels / 1.6 Gtexel

    GeForce 3
    Raw Fillrate:800 Mpixels / 3.2 Gtexel

    NV2A (Xbox)
    Memory:266MHz (PC2100) 64MB Total
    Raw Fillrate:932 Mpixels / 1.864 Gtexel (4 pipelines)

    Edit: Corrected pricing & specs.
  6. The gForce 3 ti 500 was $300, the gtx 1080 is $699.
  7. Ok. I corrected that price. But that still doesn't answer my question. The original Xbox's performance was more along the lines of a GeForce4, which did not come out until 2002. So how did MS keep the Xbox's launch price down?
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    No it wasn't, it was on a level with the 500ti which is why I used it.

    Also you got some XBOX specs wrong, it was 233 MHz, 4 pixel pipelines and just over 1.8 Gtexels.

    233MHz x 4 = 932 Mpixel x 2 texture units = 1,864 Mtexels. Bare in mind also this was peak theoretical performance. If I remember correctly everyone slated Nintendo at the time as they used real world numbers to promote GC whereas Sony and M$ used peak theoretical and both looked massively superior on paper. In truth the GC ended up pretty close to XBOX.

    How did they keep the price down? They used a coppermine based PIII which came out in 1999 for example. And I they would taken a hit and lost money on each console which is why XBOX division wasn't very popular in M$ for many years. $5-$7 billion the first XBOX lost according to M$
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    If you're going to talk about an Xbox using unreleased GPU technology, talk about the 360 having unified shader architecture, which didn't come to gaming PCs until a year later with the Geforce 8800 series.

    The NV2A GPU in the original Xbox wasn't anything that special. Just a Geforce 3 variant that was faster than the vanilla Geforce 3 but slower than the Ti500. And the Geforce 3 had already been out for almost a year by the time the Xbox launched.

    In any event, there's no way an Xbox One refresh will have a GPU as powerful as a GTX 1080. The 1080 is currently $700. Not going to happen in a $399 console. It also might not happen because AMD has been struggling to keep up with nVidia. We don't even know yet if AMD is capable of making a GPU as fast as a 1080.
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    Yep... MS posted peak specs, cut back in certain areas (I think that they cut the memory too), and they took a loss on every unit sold. But I think that the most expensive component in the original Xbox was the HDD and not the GPU. Nvidia took the loss on that end and not Microsoft. They were pretty angry too.

    It's hard finding accurate console info from 15 years ago. There's too much fanboy trite that gets in the way. I was a Gamecube fanatic back then. So I do remember how the Gamecube hit 60fps almost consistently and the Xbox never did. But the Xbox got the glory of being the most powerful console thanks to Xbox's brochure.

    But that was then and this is now. And right now, the PS4 & XB1 isn't that much more powerful than a high end cell phone. And I'm pretty sure that the Neo is just going to be a 4K upscaler. It's not going to take much for MS to smoke it. And... maybe the NX can too. But that's iffy.
  11. GameCube games looked better than Xbox. The original Xbox had a washed out look. But I think the games ran better. * All from memory.
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    There were some first party Nintendo games like Metroid Prime with graphics that rivaled anything out that gen. Those were rare exceptions though. Xbox graphics were almost universally better than GC or PS2 graphics. It had much better hardware.
  13. Well if we consider rumors and bad math it might be possible. Vega is rumored to come early in October. I've read a Polaris type chip might only cost $80 for a console. So let's double that and we got $160 for a 1080 type console chip. But that's rumors and bad math. Plus that might still be too high for a profit.
  14. The only reason for any of this from any company would be a VR component. However, if Mark Zuckerberg is correct in saying that VR is ten years away from mass acceptance, then it wouldn't make sense to do something in the near future on the console side that wasn't cost effective.
  15. There's more info about it now. And this is a lot more believable and it's on all of the main sites -- NeoGAF even made a thread on it. :)


    That should be doable. Sony might be OK, but this is going to be really bad for Nintendo.
  16. 6 TFLOPS = Titan X level performance

    That seems highly implausible for a $399 game console launching later this year.
  17. 6 TFLOPS means 4k or higher-end VR experience. 1080p TV's don't need it.
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    Cool. That means 40 million PS4 trade-ins on the Xbox Scorpio. :cool:

    I just love this part... "We hear that it will also be technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift and that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus." That's a nice touch.
  19. Zuckerberg doesn't seem to share your enthusiasm, and he owns Oculus.