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    Anyone else getting this? I though XCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of the better turn based strategy games I've played, and one of the best games last gen.

    In XCOM 2, humans have lost the war against the aliens from Enemy Unknown, and now live under alien occupation. You control the human resistance and try to stop the aliens from exterminating humanity.

    Reviews of XCOM 2 are extremely positive: IGN 9.3, Gamespot 9/10, PC Gamer 94%

    XCOM 2 is a PC Master Race™ exclusive and there are no plans to bring it to consoles. The interface is designed around keyboard and mouse and the touchpads on the Steam controller. Even if it does get ported, I'm not sure how well it will play.


  2. I know I'll get it but probably not right away. There are a lot of good games coming out this year.
  3. Agreed. It seems like 2016 is the year this gaming generation is finally going to be in full swing, after several slow and disappointing years. This and Deus Ex Mankind Divided are day 1 purchases for me. We should also be getting Mass Effect 4 late this year or early next year.
  4. This looks interesting... would you recommend the first one in 2016? How many hours for bare bones completion?
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    Yes, absolutely. Completion time varies based on how good you are at the game. 20 hours for a basic playthrough. 35-40 hours if you are struggling or want to research and upgrade everything.

    Keep in mind that you could be 10 or 15 hours in and lose the war based on a poor decision made much earlier in the game. Your successes or failures build on each other.

    XCOM is kind of like Civilization and Mass Effect had a baby. If you like those games, you'll probably like this. If you're a n00b to strategy games, you will probably think it's hard.
  6. If you like strategy turn based games there isn't much else like it. I'd give it a B+. Regret is a big part of the game. You can spend hours leveling up a guy so he's wicked powerful and then loose him in a instant because you made a bad mouse click. In the end it doesn't matter too much because he's just a tool and strategy is more important. Loosing the game is also a possibility which is an interesting twist that puts some real fear in you.
  7. You want to mix rookies in with your veterans so they get better and can fill in for your veterans when they get killed or injured.
  8. That's lame. The best strategy is to only level your veterans and cry like a little girl when they die.
  9. So what do you think of the game? Reviews are all over the place. I see complaints that it's too hard, frustrating, and poor performance.
  10. I had horrible stuttering. I got a refund. May buy it again later when they fix the performance problems.
  11. Yeah I was watching video of the frame rate going from 80 to 40 on screens that were completely still. Very odd. I saw a $40 deal and thought I might jump but I think I'll wait some more.