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  1. What ethnicity are you guys? Any famous ancestors or interesting family history?

    I'm mainly Welsh, English, Iroquois/Mohawk, and Italian. There's a little bit of French too, but not much. Probably the most interesting thing about my family is that my grandfather is Iroquois and was born on an Indian reservation.
  2. I'm 1/4 Canadian as one of my Grans is from Canada. No famous relatives as far as I know.
  3. My routes are a mixture of English/Irish, though the Irish side is more distant.

    As for notable things, my great grandfather was one of the few men to survive the sinking of the Titanic.
  4. Half Geordie on my dads side and English on my mothers side. Her side is from a line of Devonshire farmers. My surname is Irish though which is weird as I have no Irish family.
  5. What's up with the new rank mate?
  6. My daddy is Anglo-American from a family that settled in Tennessee long ago after probably being kicked out of the British Isles for whatever reason. I think George Washington's dad or something had problems with debtors and had to leave. Only a nut or someone forced would leave Europe. And I know at least for Norwegians, most exiles to Vinland were kicked out- including the great explorer Eric the Red for multiple murders. They used to say the same about Australians being a colony of outcasts.

    My mom is Anglo-American with German and French ancestry.
  7. Western Europe has only more recently become a nice place to live. I don't think you would have wanted to have lived there during the World Wars, 19th Century Laissez-faire economics, The Napoleonic Wars, The French Revolution, or all of the religious persecution that went on during the Protestant Reformation. People fled to the Americas for good reason in a lot of cases. I think a big part of the reason European countries have such sane governments and socioeconomic policies today is because they've been through so much.
  8. My Daddy's a whitey, my Mommy's asian. My family is a never ending battleground.
  9. Mostly Irish and English with a bit of and German and Native American ancestry. My great grandmother was Seneca. From what I understand, there were a lot of policemen and military personnel in my family history on the Irish side.
  10. Just your typical Anglo-Saxon English chap, 1/2 of my is from South London (including my accent) and the other 1/2 from the Midlands which is why I am so tight.
  11. Scotch/English on my father's side and German/Norwegian on my mother's. Stonewall Jackson is a distant relative.
  12. Poles.

    Four or five generations back there were Germans and Magyars.
  13. Maqyars? Pardon my ignorance, but is that something to do with Hungary?
  14. Yep. Hungarian people are called Magyars.

    (pronounced "mad-yar")
  15. so their not only hungry, their mad too!!
  16. mad pirates, no less
  17. There is a proverb in Poland, taught to kids:

    which would be

    It turns out that Magyars have their own version of it:

    which is

    Looking at the map you could ask - what makes countries which are not direct neighbours so like each other but for years in the past Poland and Hungary actually were direct neighbours.
  18. I forgot to mention that I'm related to Eli Whitney. A man whose inventions of the cotton gin and interchangeable gun parts made slavery and war more profitable!