Your Thought's On Piracy?

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    This has become a big trend over the years and acts as an easy and free way to get games, films, music and anything you can think, all for free.

    What are your thoughts on piracy and the damage it causes? Do you do it, or are you against it?
  2. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    I've paid full price for horrible games, movies and music. I have been robbed by the entertainment media over and over again, they are the only business were you cant get your money back if the product is awful.

    So now I rob them blind. Its called social justice.
  3. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    No. Not social justice...

  4. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    But is it fair to blame the whole gaming industry? If EA screws you would you take from Dice? If McDonalds sells you a bad burger do you steal from Subway?
  5. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    Unfortunately with media there's not a good way to try before you buy and if something sucks you can't get your money back. Demos often aren't representative of the full game, and reviews tend to be bought and paid for. Like Hawk I've bought way too many crappy games over the years and sat through more shitty movies than I care to mention. It's why I now tend to pirate games and movies first, and buy them later if they're actually good.

    I also don't think piracy has a tangible effect on sales. Many of the people pirating never would have bought it in the first place, and others may like what they've tried and go buy a real copy. You can't really count a pirated copy as a lost sale. And things that are good still sell well regardless. StarCraft 2 was the most pirated game last year, but it still sold 5 million copies.
  6. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    I pirate all music and movies because it's the american way.
  7. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    Yeah, I've been saying this for years. They always use the 1 item sells for every 100 shoppers that view it, or something, in retail. That should apply to piracy as well, only 1 in 100 pirated copies is a lost sale.
  8. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    In general, I try to avoid pirating anything. I am watching Weeds via Netflix and getting cheap PC games via waiting for Steam specials, for example. I make an effort to find cheap alternatives when I get tempted to pirate things.
  9. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    America! Bleem Yeah!

    If a game is too expensive I don't buy it. Thats why I wont buy 95% of all console games. PC games have so many deals going around it's not hard to find a good price.
  10. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    Yeah, $60 for one game is pretty goddamn ridiculous. I spent that much on ten games during the last Steam holiday sale.
  11. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    I do a mix of both. I have always bought games for the generations that are currently out(Spent a lot on released games) and older generations I have pirated mostly games I have owned, or never played. The only system I have pirated new are DS games, but that was the R4 and now No%gba's fault.

    I used to buy a lot of albums, VHS and DVDs back in my younger days but now I download.
  12. Your Thought\'s On Piracy?

    I think online piracy obviously is going to siphon a percentage of money away from the producers and creators of entertainment and have some level of negative impact, and have always found it bizarre that people would try to argue otherwise. It seems very likely that there is a significant percentage of file sharing and torrent users who do have disposable income for entertainment, but tend to buy less due to the availability of free downloads. It's human nature.

    There's also a fair amount of hypocrisy among regular torrent and file sharing users. It's a system that only rewards the end user, yet defenders of online piracy routinely accuse media producers of "greed" or self interest at the expense of others. The reality is that online piracy circumvents a system that, at the very least, does provide some level of reward for all involved. The producers and creators of the content make money. The store that sells the content makes money, and the person that buys the content gets entertainment. Online piracy eliminates the reward for the first two groups and only serves the third. It's a textbook definition of greed.
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  18. I'll rip tunes from youtube sometimes and I used to download roms for emulators of old consoles but that's about it. I'm not torrenting whole seasons of programming or downloading the latest hollywood blockbusters from piratebay.
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