Yu Suzuki Leaves Sega Job to become Advisor

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hmm.

    This is the final nail in the coffin for any hopes of Shenmue III. Damn you Sega, if only you gave him the chance.
  2. At least Duke Nukem Forever finally DID come out so maybe there still is hope for S3, have faith :x and hopefully when it does, it doesn't suck as well :x lol
  3. Duke Nukem Forever was in development whereas Shenmue III has never been. All there is of Shenmue III is the script/story created for it just in case.

    That's gay. I've been waiting for Shenmue III ever since I almost had that damned Lan Di at the top of the tower block in number 2. Looks like he got away with it and Ryo will never have his revenge. Oh well, I'll always remember Ryo for his line in the first game,

    "Ma'am, please don't call me baby faced Ryo". <sighs>
  5. Agreed. That cliffhanger at the end of number 2 will always haunt me!

    Hopefully we can all luck out and Sega release Shenmue I and II on the PSN and Xbox live to help us get over it a bit! HD Shenmues pleeeeeeeease!
  6. In case they decide they want to make gamers happy? They got beef wid us, man.
  7. Yu Suzuki wrote the story of Shenmue III supposedly so if he did get backing it would be easy to do.

  8. I think he's saying they must have beef with us since they have the script which is happy gamers in paper form. They could make it and satisfy huge armies of fans. At this rate I fear Half Life is going the way of Shenmue. We need closure on some of these games dammit!
  9. The only reason there is not a Shenmue III yet is the first two did not sell well, even though it is a well known, loved and wanted series.

    Perhaps if Sega released both Shenmue I and II and gauged on how well they sold, that may give them the hint that they should do a third version,

    I highly doubt it, the Half-life series is one of their best games and has sold vast amounts so they will continue. If not, we shall all get some rope and end it all.
  10. They would make a killing if they released a Shenmue 1 and 2 HD pack. They would have to market it well though otherwise a lot of fans might not realise it's out.
  11. Shenmue was OK and I never managed to get past the first couple of hours of Shenmue II without getting bored. I really didn't see anything special in either game, they were just stories that you happened to have to press the odd button to progress.

    Working as a fork lift driver was one of the most boring and pointless experiences in gaming for the past 20 years, you may as well play a fork lift simulator!
  12. The game was a straight live 'em up. You just lived this guy's life in a way that was never seen before, or since for that matter.
  13. I doubt the japanese eat beef anyway, their fish eaters.
  14. And whale and dolphin eaters:

    From the episode "Whale Whores".
  15. First the Sonic Adventures and now the Shenmues...Grim you are crossing a thin line! :(
  16. I am just saying what everyone else is thinking, a game which is basically a soup opera with a few button presses thrown in is nothing to write home about.
  17. You talking about the QTE's? Shenmue offers more then just a story and QTE's. The fighting and learning all scrolls to become a master fighter is fun enough.

    Rose tinted glasses perhaps?
  18. I have never been so bored in a game as when I was forced to spend 7 game days driving a fork lift truck, what is the point of that? Where is the fun? By that point I had put up the game for so long that I finished it anyway.

    Shenmue was an average to decent game at best, there really was nothing special about it.

    Shenmue gameplay summed up.

    Wake up in house,
    Go talk to some people,
    Wake up in house,
    Go talk to people,
    Press a couple of buttons when told to,
    Wake up in house,
    Go talk to people,
    Have a quick fight,
    Press a couple of buttons when told to,
    Play some old Master System games in the arcade,
    Wake up in house,
    Go to work,
    (repeat last step 7 or 8 times for good measure)
    Wake up in house,
    Complete ending,
    End with nothing being accomplished.
  19. Yu Suzuki hasn't done anything impressive for years...

    Infact, I'd argue that his games were exceptionally average. I never got into Shenmue, I thought Daytona USA was a racing game of no particular merit and Virtua Fighter was a dull, overly complex fighting game that was beaten to hell by Tekken (if that's the sort of thing you like I mean)...

    Really, what has the guy done to deserve the accolades heaped on him. His games were polished for sure but not ground breaking by any means..
  20. I always felt Yakuza was it's spiritual successor anyway... something about that Fuck-san guy always smelt a little fishy...