10TB SSDs by 2016

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  1. Intel says they'll be selling 10TB SSDs to consumers by 2016. Prices will be high but I'd expect 1TB SSD prices to drop.

  2. and here i am still content with my 256GB ssd......
  3. My 500GB start-up SSD is already close to full...get a move on, Intel!
  4. My 500GB is down to 94GB. I hate to delete finished games because I might want to buy the DLC. DragoneAge and Morrowind for example.
  5. This can't come fast enough. Mechanical hard drives are so unreliable. I just had one of my 4TB drives die. I've bought a lot of SSDs and have yet to see one fail.
  6. Sandisk is supposed to announce a new line of SSDs next week at Computex. They say the Z4000s will be as cheap as hard drives. Hard drives are dirt cheap so I'm thinking they mean from like 2012 or something. If they tell me I can get a 1TB SSD for $90 I'll buy two the day they come out.

  7. The Sandisk Z400s series has already been detailed at Anandtech where they state that they are for cheap systems that do not need much storage space and thus range from 32-256GB.

    I'm still rocking a 240GB and definitely would like to buy an additional drive to tide me over until something revolutionary comes along. The only question is whether I go 1TB because of the better $/GB or go 500GB because in a few years when I need that extra space the money I spent on the 1TB over the 500GB will get me a 2TB M2/PCI-e drive with 2GB/s+ speeds.
  8. Prices have definitely dropped since 2013. I paid around $380 for a Samsung 500 GB SSD, and now that's in the 1 TB price range.
  9. The Samsung 850s keeps going on sale and I've seen the 500GB as low as $150. Maybe there is another big price drop on the way.
  10. There was a Memorial Day Weekend special of $330 for the 1 TB version on Amazon. Tempting…but I've got about 50 GB still free, so I think I can make it to 2016.
  11. I'll try to track some of the lowest prices.

    $0.26 per GB

  12. This is America. RVs. Big Gulps. Jumbotrons. 1 TB prices should take priority.
  13. $0.32 per GB for a 500GB

    500GB Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" Solid State Drive SSD [rakuten.com](MZ-75E500B/AM)
    $157.99 + Free Shipping (select budget shipping)
    Promo Code: SAMSUNG40
    Use promo code: MORETECH (for 5% Back Rakuten Super Points (790 Points/ $7.90)
  14. TigerDirect has 960GB Crucial M500 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive SSD (CT960M500SSD1) on Sale for $289.99.

    $0.33 /GB
  15. It's $309 now…but still a very good price.
  16. Welp my SSD is giving me problems again. I already sent it back once so I think it's time for e new drive.

    I'm considering the Samsung EVO 850 500GB for $150 or PNY CS2111 960GB for $270. Speed wise they are similar.
  17. I was going to get a 1tb ssd. - but I hear that quite a few units fail. Don't really want to spend money and take that risk....still waiting for it to lower in price.
  18. That's what I decided. It's still too much to spend on a component with such a high rate of failure and limited lifetime.
  19. My Intel 730s have been rock solid. Maybe get one of those if you're concerned with reliability. They use an enterprise grade controller.
  20. Intel doesn't have a 1TB 730.

    In addition to the failure rate I suppose there is a chance of SATA Express taking off in a year or so. It seems all SSDs are bottle necked by SATA speeds now.

    These "real world" benches show the differences between a 6 year old SSD and a brand new enthusiast SSD can be measured in tenths of seconds.