10TB SSDs by 2016

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  1. Do what I did. Get two and Raid0 them. Reliability of enterprise drives with the speed of PCIe. And cheaper than Intel 750.
  2. But you're halving the reliability with Raid0, so I wouldn't call that enterprise reliability anymore, nor would I with a single 730, but they are good drives, only a little bit lagging behind for the price.
  3. True. But if you're going to do RAID0 at all, you want to start with some very reliable drives. Halving the reliabiltiy of of an already extremely realiable drive with a less than 1% failure rate is still very reliable. Probably still more reliable than the vast majority of consumer drives.
  4. Buy 4 and go RAID 10.

    SATA is just a bottleneck now. I would expect with the space saving possibilities and the speed advantage, M.2 PCI-E drives will become more common in laptops now that Win 10 is the mainstream OS.
  5. You could always go with the SanDisk Extreme Pro's that have the 10 year warranty.
  6. I have a Sandisk Extreme II from a few years back and it's a fantastic drive. Over priced, yeah, but I'd probably go an Extreme Pro one over an 850 Pro. If you're not in the market for a pro class drive just go with an 850 EVO and make sure you back up regularly. So far the 850 Evo's seem good but do did the 840/Evo :p Still, I think they've been out long enough to know thye shouldn't have the same issues as their predecessors. I'm looking at a 500GB drive for games and I think I'll go with the EVO. Anything even remotely comparable is actually priced higher over here so I just can't pass up the price/performance for something where reliability isn't a huge concern.
  7. Newegg has the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB for $150. $164 - $14.01 w/ promo code AF15SSD1019A
  8. Best price yet. Newegg has the 850 EVO 500GB for $135 with the game Assassins Creed Syndicate. Those download codes go for about $25 on eBay.


    Or a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB Solid State Drive for $199

  9. Samsung started selling the 750 EVO in Japan. The 750 is a bottom end SSD that uses the old problematic 840 planar TLC NAND technology. Sounds like they are competing against cheaper off-brand Asian drives. It's supposed to be about 25% cheaper than the 850s so maybe about $40 to $50 for a 250GB drive.

  10. Yeah, the 840 EVO was a very problematic drive. It would start out fast and slow to crawl over time, ending up slower than a 4200rpm HDD. It was worse with older files for whatever reason. I'm not even sure if the issue was ever fixed entirely with firmware, and Samsung has moved onto 3D VNAND that doesn't have that issue. That drive hardly seems worth it, even with it being so cheap. The 250GB 850 EVO is typically around $75-$85 and is worth the extra money for a fast, hassle free drive.
  11. Welp, I never saw any 10TB SSDs but I did get a WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD. I'd say it feels faster than the older SATA SSDs but it could be my imagination.
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    I've gone to using two 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSDs which I picked up when they were on sale for $100, one for the OS and games, and one for pirated movies. The compression tech for pirated movies has gotten so much better in recent years that it's plenty of space for my needs. Most movie rips are only like 2-3GB these days with good quality. I no longer have a mechanical hard drive in my desktop. I had a 4TB HGST for movies, but it started clanking like a cement mixer and died. I doubt I'll buy another one. SSDs are big enough and cheap enough for my needs.
  13. There is an 8TB NVMe SSD now but it isn't cheap. I couldn't go back to HDDs now, so used to the speeds PCI-E SSDs bring.

  14. The big thing pushing me towards mass storage was the huge size of movie rips in the old days. What used to take an 8-12GB MKV file can now be done in a 2-3GB MP4 with similar quality. An 8TB drive is something I probably would have wanted years ago, but now I have no need for something that big these days.
  15. I impulse bought a the 2TB version of the SK hynix Gold P31 M.2 drive that was on sale today for $224 on Amazon. I have an old 1TB Samsung SATA III SSD, so this should be a decent upgrade with double the storage space and much faster read and write speeds.
  16. don't get your hopes up too high.

    i went from a samsung 850 evo (sata) to a samsung 960 pro and now 970 pro (nvme). couldn't even feel the difference.
  17. The difference between a mechanical hard drive and any type of SSD is massive.

    The difference between SATA and NVME SSDs isn’t noticeable in real world use. I have a 970 EVO Plus in my laptop. It doesn’t feel any faster than the 860 EVOs in my desktop.
  18. Most software hasn't been designed to take advantage of faster storage drives. I expect that to change over the next few years. That's one of the main reasons besides the shortages that I've planned to hold off on a rebuild until at least a year or two after the new consoles have been available.
  19. Once the DirectStorage API becomes part of Windows, then it will make one hell of a difference, especially in game.

    I work with so many different PCs every day. You will notice some difference with an M.2 SSD, it will just seem a little snappier but like the others say for most things it won't be too different unless you're doing a huge read or write.
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    I'm expecting it to make more of a difference in a year or two than right now other than the additional capacity. I've already seen what a really fast NVMe can do in PS5 games. You can fast travel or load up a new map within a couple of seconds in some games. The difference is the software and I/O hardware are focused on taking advantage of the extra speed of a fast storage drive. That will migrate to PC over time. That is why I had planned to wait for a year or two after the consoles launched to rebuild although with the shortages I'm waiting regardless of whether it was planned.