2020 Vision, Sight Beyond Sight

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  1. In difficult and desperate times, sinners, we must look to the Good Book. In Luke 21:11 He says unto thee, "There shall be great earthquakes and a Chinese virus and no toilet paper in many lands, and there shall be terrifying sights and miraculous signs in the sky."

    So watch out for the great earthquakes, literal and/or figurative, in the days to come.
  2. So what your saying is if we see the bat signal illuminated on the dark side of the moon, we should go to church to get infected on Easter but refuse the vaccine as the mark of the beast? Fair enough. Minimal effort, gets us out of the house, and I like the civil disobedience aspect of it.

    But if it’s a pangolin silhouette on the sun, I’m converting to Muslim. I saw that Netflix documentary. Very sad. No bacon forever means Chinese pig farms suffer bigly.

  3. If we were living in a simulation for the amusement of higher beings, we could soon expect some action and a twist to keep the audience's interest.

    For example... Protests will increase, get crazy, reach critical mass. At just the right moment, the forces of everything good and righteous will unveil the cure to liberate the people from tyranny. But then Nancy Pelosi and her minions and her wicked stare, feeling defeated and a little bloated and unhappy with the turn of events, will start a civil war that'll decide the fate of the world. In the midst of chaos, the Chinese military will surprise attack its enemies.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, we don't live in an amusement simulation.
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  4. Keep the discussion away from the hot tub and we'll be fine.

  5. LOL that would take away a lot of the mystery in the last two of his posts.
  6. No weed.

    I was standing on the edge of someone's toilet, installing a spycam. The porcelain was wet. I slipped, hit my head on the sink, and when I came to I had a revelation! A vision!

    I saw a seal, a seismograph, a shadow, a ship, a shovel, a showgirl, a shredder, a sickbed, a siren, a skeleton, a skunk, a snake, a spaceman, a spiral, a square, a stonewall, a submarine, a swamp, a sword, a symbol, and a syringe.
  7. What was the symbol?

  8. The symbol looked like this!

  9. At least it wasn’t a 5G.

  10. The "protests" have no doubt reached the next level. Maybe we are in a simulation! Wave hi to the higher beings, they might be watching, and surely they now have freshly renewed interest and many questions on their huge minds.

    For example...
    • Will the protests spawn a second wave of COVID-19?
    • Will the protests advance to another level? For example...
      • burning of churches
      • panic in the streets (after imposter opens fire)
      • armed clash with the National Guard
      • castle raid on the White House
      • coercing people to eat unholy processed foods
    • Is the dastardly demon possessing Pelosi the mastermind pulling the strings?
    • Will the demon attempt a presidential assassination or a coup d'état or merely an election hijacking?
    • Why are cats scared of cucumbers?