3000 Posts and Counting

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Ichiban, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Well done.

    I'm surprised we hit 3000 so soon but thanks to great threads like the UK vs US Food Argument and the Hobnobs v Digestives we've managed to rack up the post count.

    I think we're actually doing more posting now than we were at the old forum; averaging 87 posts per registered user.

    I should be free next week to get the main site finished so hopefully we'll get some more people coming through soon.
  2. Definitely seems more active then the original place was towards the end days; been a good start I reckons.
  3. Chi is up on 518 posts, that means more than 1/6th of all the content on the forum is from him!
  4. Well, what can I say, My input is extremely valuable.
  5. You are the dictionary definition of quantity over quality.

    If our posts were to be summed up by shops and goods available there you would be pound land, Monsly would be Tesco and myself, well there is only one choice, Marks and Spencer.
  6. Your posts have gotten pretty blue recently grim, not sure you'd be Marks and Spencers, maybe Iceland.
  7. he's still better than me I'm Aldi or Lidl at best!
  8. Aldi. If anybody posted here like Audi, all our brains would melt.
  9. lol true, although the fact I couldn't even spell the name of a crap shop somewhat proves the original point I was making :)
  10. Who's gonna do this "what supermarket are you?" thread?
  11. This is a place for men with beards. If you don't like it, well that just makes you a girl.
  12. Yeah, so far this place is more successful than I thought it would be. I'm not sure if people are just drawn to the new-ness of it, but they're definitely posting a lot more than they were on the old site in the last few years. I remember more than a few times on the old site when I'd check it in the morning and then check it when I got home, and nothing had been posted all day. There's so much being posted here right now that I'm having a hard time keeping up with it to be honest.
  13. That wasn't hard. you whinge like a champion. Shitting yourself on a bus full of all your friends and bosses would still be more of a success than what you thought.
  14. Lmao. Funniest thing I've seen in the past few days.
  15. @chi: you've used the same analogy twice. I'll let you off this time because it made me laugh.
  16. @monsly, there's only so much funny I'm allowed per month. They made me restrict my output since that time I made everyone wet themselves on the bus.
  17. I thought I sensed Deja Poo.
  18. 10,000 posts and counting...
  19. Statistics:

    The top 3 posters account for 36% of all posts.
    The top 5 posters account for 52% of all posts.
    The top 10 posters account for 81% of all posts.