360 Crysis 2 vs PS3 KillZone 3; a technical discussion.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armitage, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Well, these two games are shaping up to (or in the case of KillZone, shaped) look like fantastic games that both show of their respective consoles capabilities. This then raises the question, which game is the more graphically intensive game and which console is possibly better.

    Now KillZone 2 and 3 have been lauded for their spectacular lighting but Crysis 2, with its global illumination, fully dynamic shadows and full HDR lighting seems to have KillZone well and truly topped in that department. I'd place my money on Crysis 2 being the more technically impressive title and thus the most impressive console title to date.
  2. Isn't this kind of pointless given Crysis 2 is coming out on the PS3? Thread seems a bit of a trollish set up to me.
  3. I think he is just trying to get a good discussion between both console games.
  4. Yeah but why compare just the 360 version of Crysis with a PS3 exclusive when Crysis is also available on PS3?

    If the PS3 version of Crysis also looks better than Killzone then the whole thing becomes a waste of time.
  5. I've always thought Killzone was a shitty game, but it looks pretty. The first Crysis was a good game, but it's graphics propelled it to the greatness it's renown for.

  6. True, but the title says "a technical discussion", so the discussion can be about which different technical styles both titles are using or along those lines.

    I agree that it should be Killzone 3 vs Crysis PS3 though.
  7. Why do people have to explain themselves in their own threads? He can post whatever the hell he wants. I plan to derail this thread with boobies shortly.
  8. I disagree. It's setting up a troll discussion. Why not compare Crysis 2 to Reach? Equally dumb and meaningless. By all means, people can do trolly threads but we are also free to call them as such in response.
  9. But the title also implies that the 360 version will be the definitive version and so any serious debate would soon turn into trolling and fanboy arguments.

    I vote we set 10 360s on fire to appease the gods of Sony.
  10. Bang on the money there Phisix. I was trying to attract more members to the site the way I first came. Yes I know it's a bit silly as Crysis 2 is a multiplatform game, but we can still compare the 360 version of Crysis 2 to KillZone 3, and since we have yet to see any footage or even gameplay of the PS3 version of Crysis 2 lets just forget about it for now.
  11. It'll be interesting to see if Crysis 2 uses that MLAA or whatever it is that the Sony first party devs are sharing. Do they share with third party devs?
  12. I don't understand the point of this discussion. Why not just talk about Crysis 2? It will be on PC, PS3, and 360, and typically of Crytek, it will push the graphical envelope to new limits. It will be a great benchmark for the strengths and weaknesses of the different platforms.
  13. The PC version will be the definitive version. This is Crytek we're talking about.
  14. Don't need to, they do it by themselves! HAR HAR
  15. Indeed. Comparing it along the lines of the thread title is either stupid or trollish. Not a good thing either way.
  16. Should we start comparing PS3 Crysis 2 with Halo Reach then?
  17. I really do not see what is wrong with comparing the 360 version of Crysis 2 and KillZone 3. Yes there are more versions than just the 360 version, yes with the right PC you will be able make Crysis 2 look a thousand times better than it will look on 360.

    It is still valid to compare Crysis 2 on 360 and KillZone 3 though; we are just looking at the technical side of things, like lighting models used (Global Illumination, HDR, etc.), texture mapping and bump mapping techniques (parallax, normal, etc.) and other features too. I really don't see how this can be turned into a troll argument. If that's the case any argument can just as much as this one.
  18. Comparison sensibility chart:

    Crysis PS3 to Killzone 3 - vaguely makes sense.

    Crysis (all formats) to Killzone 3 - getting a bit dumb. PC will surely win, 360 likely to have edge but it's an unknown quantity at the moment.

    Crysis 360 to Killzone 3 - a special kind of trollish stupidity required. A debate that even gamefaqs might think twice about.
  19. How about we just wait for Gears of War 3 and compare that to Killzone 3, which we're also waiting for. It's like they're a match made in heaven!
  20. Did everybody miss the part where the notoriously trollish publication Lens of Truth, did this very comparison.... Killzone 3 PS3 bested Crysis 2 on Xbox360.