5th Resident Evil Film

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  1. Nothing about the storyline and characters as of yet, only the released date.

    I quite enjoyed Afterlife, so I am hoping this next one is even better. Less sci-fi and more horror and action I say.

    Thoughts on this film?
  2. Will this be animation or real?
  3. Real still. That animated film was quite good.
  4. So I watched this and I don't know wtf is going on anymore. Well, it's not like I ever did, but this one took the cake. Basically, this was a straight up GIRL POWAH movie. Basically, if you were a guy in this movie, you were either going to die, or get your ass beat real bad.
  5. I was like that even though I love this film series.

    From what I could gather from all of the action is Wesker somehow survived that nuclear explosion, and is now a good guy, the red queen from the first film is in charge of Umbrella and they are all about to get they're asses handed to them from millions of bio weapons.

    I think it is ruined now. They redeemed the series in the last film by taking Alices powers away and making it more survival, but now they gave it back to her even though she seemed to have it anyway.

  6. That's very true. I totally forgot that she "lost" her powers a while ago. But yea, it's basically ruined since there's no consequences anymore. Everybody who died came back as a clone. Alice "lost' her powers but was still able to beat ass like she was a DBZ character.
  7. Was this the one where she flies a plane?
  8. No, that was the one before this. This one came out only 3 months ago.
  9. What happened to Chris from the one before? He was on that ship before Umbrella came. Weird...
  10. they wanted to totally move away from that story on this one. alice only referenced to them once and didn't care about it anymore afterwards
  11. I guess the more normal the film the more W. S. Anderson hates it. I dread to see how much action there will be in the next one. Matrix + DBZ + Monsters?