A Year Old Today

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Ichiban, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Incase you missed the announcement I made in the Chatroom, this incarnation of PVCF3 is a year old today - at least it was the day I turned on the old punBB system. I think it's quite apt to move over to the new forum in time for a first birthday.
  2. The forum is evolving.
  3. Ha! I don't think cmdrmonkey expected us to make it this long.
  4. I didn't expect us to make it this long lol
  5. I never underestimated bored people posting on the internet (while eating cheetos)... and with mobile capabilities this place has been livelier than usual.
  6. Now we need to work at getting more members. The more the merrier.
  7. I tried, you know the January 17th thing down on the main page? that was cuz I put a linky here on noobtoob.com lol. I suppose a few ppl used that link :D
  8. This forum made it a year!! I didn't think it would last. I certainly didn't help the cause with my hiatus.
  9. If PVCF1 was like Earth that went through the end of days, PVCF3 is Alpha Centauri where the survivors settle and discover aliens and warp drive and all kinds of other advanced technology and shit.
  10. Mostly shit stories and we only ecently discovered boobies in the last few days of the previous forum. I'm sure we'll make it to discovering the wheel soon enough.
  11. You love the shit stories. Don't try and act like you don't.