Adventures in Computer Repair

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Since Andrew is a fag I'll resurrect this thread...

    My aunt gave me her virus and spyware infested Pentium 4 clunker running XP to fix again. It caught something so nasty this time that XP wouldn't even boot in safe mode. I ended up upgrading it to Windows 7. I had already upgraded it to 2GB of DDR when newegg was having a sale.

    Amazingly, it's capable of running the Aero interface on its POS 128mb Geforce FX 5200 from 2003. I can't even run Aero on my laptop from 2006 because of its intel GMA 900. Just goes to show you that even the most low-end, crappy cards from ATI/AMD or Nvidia are always way better than anything from Intel. Avoid intel integrated video like the plague.
  2. It's not the case anymore with their i core processors. Those gpu's are pretty strong considering how little power they use. Even the intel gma 4500 paired with my dinky c2d su7300 running at 1.3ghz is respectable.