Alan Wake PC release?

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  1. Apparently some vigilant people spotted references to Alan Wake in the steam registry recently. I'd love to buy it on PC as the experience was marred by the constant screen tearing on 360. This could easily be fake or very old data however.

    Here's a link:
  2. That page doesn't exist.

    It's possible. The game came out about a year and a half ago, so a port could be coming. It was originally supposed to be coming to the PC as well as the 360.

    I mean we just got a PC port of LA Noire, and I never really expected that to come to the PC.
  3. Ooooh, if this does somehow happen, I really want to try it. I kind of miss Remedy.
  4. Thanks for that, I think I've fixed it now.

    That's true, but I half expected LA Noire to be ported over to PC. It does give me hope that the claims are true however.
  5. That game was a overhyped let down. I wouldn't go so far as to call it trash, because it had a lot of potential, but the execution was handled poorly.
  6. I thought Alan Wake was pretty good, but I was disappointed that it was a traditional style action game under the effects and Twin Peaks inspired theme. I was expecting something a bit more daring. It didn't help that Heavy Rain came out around that time, which was quite daring and nontraditional.

    I'm a huge fan of David Lynch, the creator of Twin Peaks, and I expected something a bit more twisted and creative. Despite the setting resembling Twin Peaks, the story felt more in line with Stephen King. I did enjoy the Twin Peaks references, though. You will spot lots of them if you were a fan of the show.
  7. No more speculation needed. Remedy confirmed it themselves. They're looking at an early 2012 release.
  8. it's scheduled for February. apparently remedy is handling this by themselves and said screw you to Microsoft so no gfwl in this game. It's all steam.

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  9. So the PC version of the game made back all the money from dev and marketing costs (for pc version) within 48hrs of release.

    Makes you wonder if Remedy is going to think twice next time before striking a deal with a publisher who decides to turn their game into a console time exclusive game.

    Since they're already a well known dev, they can just market the game themselves by throwing some info, screenshots, and game clips/trailers around the web (hell even make their own youtube channel), and throw the game up on the Steam store.. voila.
  10. Games on Steam make money. I'm not sure where all of this "PC gaming is dying" and "PC games don't turn a profit" stupidity came from.
  11. And Alan Wake isn't even a really great GOTY type game!! Not that they'd sell such a game for 29.99 new, but what if they had???
  12. I've been pretty underwhelmed with what I've played of it given the hype and the extremely long development cycle. It's a decent game, but I expected more. It has nice graphics and spooky atmosphere, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly though, PC gaming is doing just fine when even a mediocre game like this can make back its budget and start turning a profit in just a couple of days.

    Developers just need to stop being dumb and put their games on Steam where people will actually buy them. PC games that have flopped in recent years all have one thing in common, they weren't on Steam, and worse they usually tried to shove some alternative digital download service down peoples' throats. Things like Games For Windows Live and Origin need to go die in a fire. I still haven't bought Battlefield 3 because it's not on Steam. No Steam = no sale as far as I'm concerned.
  13. your name should be steam monkey, your a huge steam fanboy if there is such a thing. I actually like EAs point in not putting BF3 (or Crysis 2) on Steam. They're fighting the system. I don't know, ppl haven't seemed to notice, but Steam has become the SYSTEM. No it's not just a bad MGS story, when steam came out IT was fighting the system. Well it's won! The system is now going to wholly digital distrobution. Back than everybody was on Steams back cuz it provided a better alternative without stepping on the developers, but NOW that a developer is complaining about STEAM abusing it's new found power, kicking Crysis 2 off their servers due to a expansion pack problem everybody is blinded by steam and seems to forget the issue here. STEAM will not allow DEVELOPERS to distribute their games as they would like to, and now EVERYBODY seems to be backing the new dictator.... I don't get this backlash against EA on this issue. EAs being stupid, but Steam is just being a big douche.
  14. Steam not only brought PC gaming back from the brink of death, but made it immensely profitable and popular again, so I really have to commend Valve. Back in 2005 and 2006, things were looking really bleak for PC gaming. Now everyone wants back in, and a lot of them are trying to make crappy knockoffs of Steam. Even Gamestop has a knockoff now, and these were the same people who were very quick to remove all PC games from their shelves just a few years ago. Best Buy has complained about the success of Steam, but again we're talking about asshats who pulled all PC games off their shelves a few years ago and told PC gamers to take a hike.

    Steam is a great system for distributing games. It's cheap, it keeps your games all in one place and up to date, you don't have to worry about discs or cd-keys, you don't have to stand in line at some crappy store, you can communicate with friends, and you can get to your games from more than one PC by logging in. I don't see what's not to like about Steam.

    Steam is a system by PC gamers for PC gamers. The douchebag companies who pulled PC games from their shelves can go fuck themselves. I'll never buy from them again.
  15. Thanks for the history lesson. I'm not looking at the passed though, I'm looking at the future.

    Valve seems to think they have some sort of monopoly on digitally distributed games. And if everybody buckles for Steam and allows them to dictate all the rules is that good for anybody?? Secondly it looks to me that Steam didn't inform EA of this when the game came out. Meaning Valve is into pulling NDAA shit where 'I don't like you, your out of here'. Is that the kind of policy you want??

    I hate to have some of my games on Steam and some of my games on Origin and some of my games on whatever else... but it looks to me that Steam is NOT the overruling medium here. It looks to me like nothing but trouble.
  16. Eh? You're making this situation way more bigger than it is. Crytek had an arrangement with another digital distributor that violated the Steam terms of agreement. They had to pull Crysis 2.

    And hey look.. apparently that was the ONLY game on Steam that this happened to. I'd be worried if 4 or 5 games ran into this as it would seem like an issue with Valve, but just Crytek had issue. Valve doesn't seem to think they are anything. The people made Steam what it is today.

    You have to remember when Steam started.. it was just Valve and their own software on the Steam store. They started with nothing but themselves and they don't exactly have a large and diverse library of software. Months later, the third party stuff finally started to slowly show up. It wasn't until years later that Steam blew up.

    In that time, plenty of start ups had their chances to compete. Nobody is able to catch them. It says alot that indie devs AND big publishers are flocking to Steam to distribute their software.

    I'm not exactly sure what your complaint is though. If big pubs don't like Valve's terms, they don't have to distribute through Steam. There's still plenty of other outlets to choose.
  17. Crysis 2 sucked anyway. Totally dumbed down for consoles.

    Other companies had their shot to make a Steam alternative, but all we heard from them was how PC gaming is failing and nobody buys PC games. Valve effectively demonstrated what a bunch of retarded nonsense that was. These companies really don't care about PC gaming as they were quick to pull all PC games from the shelves a few years ago, and they don't deserve our money. They showed their true colors when the chips were down for PC gaming. Now they've been shut out of a lucrative market, and frankly they can go fuck themselves.
  18. Crysis 2 was just the first 'heavy hitter' (by that I mean AAA game) I'm betting there would be more if 1 EA continued to use Steam for it's heavy hitters (starting with BF3 it seems they hardly use Steam and why should they??) or other publishers came out with services. Halo 2 is exclusively on Windows Live.

    All I'm seeing is Valve getting a TON of leeway and them flooding us with a ton of crap, heck rumor is their even into hardware! Think I read where CEO Gabe Newell just introduced some geeky new peripheral. Anyway their up to somethin and nobody's seein it but me.

    ALL HAIL STEAM!! Humna Humna Humna...

    IMO this he said she said crap is just BS. Fact is EA won't put their AAA titles on steam! I say if it's a good game, buy it! Don't be a dork and think you boycotting a game you hyped up previously will make Steam any more prominant. IMO EA is the ASS of 1990-2010 but Steam is quickly becoming the ASS of 2011 on, Things change, MS used to be a HUGE ASS!! Now their like a saint!! EA was TERRIBLE back in the 20th century ruining developer after developer... but lately they'd not been so bad ppl don't seem to see this and still think of EA as the evil empire.
  19. Valve made the two greatest games of all time on any platform (Half-Life and Half-Life 2) and single-handedly resurrected PC gaming. I can't praise them enough. Valve is god-like and Gabe Newell is the man.

    Also, LOL at the idea of Crysis 2 being AAA and that anyone gives a crap about Halo 2 on PC.
  20. I respect your opinion but why would Steam be the ass of 2011? What exactly did they do? Or are you holding this one case of Crysis 2 on their heads? We don't even know exactly what happened and probably never will as both companies will not disclose details in the public. Other than that, you can't say they didn't single-handedly increase PC game sales in the last half decade. And what crap are they flooding us with?

    Big box retail store space of PC software was and still is shrinking to non-existance. I'm sure online e-tailer sales are pretty sad too. They made digital distribution work and made it easy for the customer.