Alien: Covenant

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  1. It's universally accepted by me that Prometheus was a steaming pile of shit. But it made more money than sense, so it's getting a sequel. The trailer seems to indicate stepping on magic mushrooms will create Xenomorphs.

  2. I honestly enjoyed Prometheus more on a second viewing. I took in more things and appreciated it more.. somehow the Alien: Covenant trailer makes me somewhat disappointed. I wanted a second movie to bring in more of the engineer story but the trailer makes it out to be more focused on the fancy pants creatures the Engineers were working on.
  3. Promptness was a good movie. People who think otherwise are mint munchers.
  4. Haven't seen Promptness, it's not hard to believe that it was better than Prometheus.

    You could take in Prometheus in 2 ways. As a slasher/survival horror film where characters routinely make the worst decisions possible, it was actually pretty good. As an Alien prequel it fucking sucked donkey balls.
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  5. The xenomorph looks menacing as fuck, also looks like it's been hitting LA Fitness regularly.

  6. OK, this clip is legit good. Given Ridley Scott's recent track record, the final product will still be a pile of shit.

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    Some of the trailers look good and some look awful. This could go either way. Ridley Scott is an inconsistent director. He has some really good movies like the original Alien and some really awful ones like Prometheus.
  8. Seriously... checking IMDB he seemed to hit perfection between 2000-2008. Then turned out shit until The Martian. Hopefully he's back on an upswing.

    2015 The Martian
    2014 Exodus: Gods and Kings
    2013 The Counsellor
    2012/I Prometheus
    2010 Robin Hood

    2008 Body of Lies
    2007 American Gangster
    2006 A Good Year
    2005 Kingdom of Heaven
    2003 Matchstick Men
    2001 Black Hawk Down
    2001 Hannibal
    2000 Gladiator
  9. Kingdom of Heaven is actually quite good if you watch the original version rather than the chopped up theatrical release. He also made Blade Runner, which is an amazing and very influential film.

    You just never know with this guy. He's made some of the greatest films ever, and he's made some serious duds.
  10. Still not sure why all the Prometheus hate. Even in your list of good movies it still ranks well enough. Not great and not bad.

    The Martian 92%/91%
    Matchstick Men 82% 74%
    American Gangster 80%/87%

    Black Hawk Down 76%/88%
    Gladiator 76%/87%
    Prometheus 72%/68%

    Body of lies 54%/62%
    Hannibal 39%/62%
    A Good Year 26%/65%
  11. It was my own list not RT. Although their numbers point to obvious flaws in the ratings system. Gladiator is the best movie on that list. Probably "retro-reviews" where 00'ers complain about the CGI quality 15 years later.