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  1. I hereby proclaim 2013 the Year of the Ginourmous Man Eating Squid.
  2. now that the world knows about it, it'll be food in two weeks.
  3. We're gonna need a bigger field...

  4. the world knew about colossal squids for a while. they were just never able to capture one on video alive. this is the first time.. and i'm glad i was able to see it in my lifetime. :)
  5. Dispatch a team of BBC Video divers immediately. I want a Squid Planet Blu-ray ASAP.
  6. If we're lucky, we might get Squid Week!
  7. What did they use as bait? A harpooned baby whale?
  8. First they chummed the water with finely ground manatee to bring the squid in to the general area. Then they lured him up close with a brace of skinned baby seals on the end of a pole.
    No giant squid worthy of the name can resist the smell of a good, ripe manatee chum slick. I think..