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  1. Prediction thread. Is this going to be niche or will Apple bring watches back in style?

    They won't have any trouble making this the defacto smartphone watch to beat. I just think wristwatches are antiquated and relegated to special occasions. They have to get people wearing watches in the first place for mass market success.

    - #1 with tech enthusiasts and fedora wearing hipsters
    - Mass market flop

    Winner gets free headphones from bfun!
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    I wear a watch. I only take it off when the battery dies and that can take years.
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    I could see this going either way. Tablet computers were also niche products with a tiny market when Apple released the iPad, and now there's a huge market for them.
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    It will succeed for the same reason the iPhone succeeded: there are a LOT more uses for it than people realize. For example, the ability of the watch to guide you to a location by using the haptic feedback alone is a very useful feature.
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    So help me if you don't tell me what haptic is I'll go look it up. For the moment I'll assume it has something to do with time on the toilet.
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    imagine a vibrator for the wrist
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    Not really. Current haptic feedback is more sophisticated than that. For example, the haptic feedback for Apple's new MacBook trackpad makes it feel like the trackpad is clicking downwards…even though it isn't.
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    fleshlight for the wrist
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    I see why khaid is so confused...

    "The engine’s vibration is very subtle and subject to fine tuning, providing a different response though only small variations. Compared to most haptic feedback in wearables that I’ve tried before, it’s almost on a completely different level – whereas you won’t even notice the kludgy vibration motors in a lot of Android Wear devices, taptic feedback is as difficult to ignore as an actual human lightly tapping your wrist."
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    Fleshlight Apple Watch, just like an actual human.
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    I think you guys need to start your own Fleshlight thread.
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    Like I said, create a Fleshlight thread. You guys split stuff out of other threads for less of a reason than that.
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    I'm still on staycation! but your very subtle demands for a fleshlight thread shall be accommodated asap

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