Amber Heard is evil.

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  1. I've been extremely skeptical of her accusations against Johnny Depp, particularly her suspicious wounds that mysteriously rapidly healed as though she has Wolverine's healing factor and description of what she claimed to have endured. She also had a history of beating up a previous partner and was arrested and jailed in 2009, whereas Depp has no history of domestic violence and his former girlfriends/ wives were speaking up on his behalf that he has never behaved this way. I suspected Heard was extremely spoiled as well as had a horrific, explosive temper and would occasionally go crazy and attack someone. It's a lot worse than that. She was beating the hell out of him on a regular basis, throwing pots, vases, bottles of booze, ect at his head and on one occasion injured him to the degree that a finger had to be reattached after a bottle she threw exploded and severed part of his finger. She also continuously expresses a massive fear of abandonment and berates him for being a "coward" and a "baby" for fleeing from her violent assaults and thinks being beaten senseless is no excuse for locking himself in the bathroom or leaving the house to get away from her. She is extremely emotionally manipulative and emotionally volatile herself. Everything she does and says in the audio recordings that have been leaked screams "Borderline."

    This is what she did to his finger.

    Censored version:

    A few choice quotes from the lovely Ms. Heard:
    She essentially took all of the things she did to him and claimed he was the perpetrator against her and posed as an advocate against domestic violence as a "survivor."

    She even discusses how she has been plotting against him with phony pictures and "evidence" against him and even gives a long pause before saying "evidence" taunting no one would believe he was be the domestic abuse victim of a 115 lb wife trying to intimidate him. She specifically brings up "painting on bruises" and fake injuries and then photographing it, which later was the controversy of her tearful court appearance and photos of a bruised eye that mysteriously disappeared later that day. If memory serves, she did a modeling photo shoot either later that day or the next day.

    Probably the weirdest turn of events was Depp has claimed that she took a dump in his bed after he was late to her birthday party. That was probably an important clue that it's time to get the hell out of that marriage. He would still be screwed if not for these recordings.
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    There's this pervasive idea (and you can thank feminists like Monsly for it) that women can't be domestic abusers. Not only can they be abusive, but the abuse is often quite extreme, has both psychological and physical aspects, and the victims are rarely believed or the abuse just isn't taken seriously.

    TLDR: his girlfriend stabbed him, hit him with a hammer, dumped boiling water on him, broke bottles over his head, and psychologically abused him

    This is what she looks like. Looks like a completely normal girl. And she is a monster.

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    I agree. I started asking males whether there was any history of domestic violence against them initially because I suspected it in a particular case, and I started finding it so frequently that it soon became a standard question in my diagnostic interviews. Disturbingly, many men often deny this is the case surprised and are irritated that I even asked, but when I give examples clarifying that it could be being slapped, pushed, having objects thrown at them, ect. they often change their answer.

    BTW, I forgot to include Depp was reported to have suffered 3 incidents of severe MRSA as a result of having part of his finger sliced off.
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    Would also like to add to this that I have some family friends whose son was murdered by his girlfriend. She was abusive and when he tried to leave her she stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife. They had a hard time getting justice. The first time it went to trial there was mistrial. I don't think anyone believed that a cute little asian girl could be an abuser and a murderer.

    What you won't see in the news stories is that she was beating him, telling him he was worthless and ugly and that no other girl could ever love him. He finally stood up to her and tried to leave, but she was not going to allow that to happen. At trial she tried to make him seem like the abuser.

    But yeah this is the kind of stuff people like Monsly won't touch with a ten foot pole. Because in their minds men are always abusers and women are always victims.
  5. I've noticed most of the few news organizations that have been covering any of this are attempting to call it even, i.e., "They were both in the wrong in a dysfunctional relationship, and we'll never really know what happened..." No, a lot of what did happen is on the tapes, much of it admitted by Heard. I'm sure if Depp was on tape admitting to beating the crap out of her they'd marginalize "Hold on, Amber was at fault, too." LOL. I'm not sure if they even realize how obscenely biased they are. I've been reading Depp supposedly has like 80 more of these recordings, so more could be coming. Regardless of how terrible the media has been about covering this, some of the comments from viewers have been brutal eviscerations of Heard and the media.

    Feminist website The Mary Sue has just gone into total silence about it after previously writing several "articles" (poorly written blogs) on the topic bashing Depp and even Depp's fans. Even in their articles that are several months to years old I've seen people pop up in the comments blasting them for not covering it now that Heard has been exposed.
  6. As a group, I’ve read that women often go under the radar for mental health issues. The stereotypes like those that have been posted already are in part to blame. Maybe if we took things like that seriously, Depp wouldn’t have suffered. It’s not surprising they look like normal people, that’s how most crime works.

    Crimes are committed close to home.
    Crimes are committed against people close to the criminal.
    People will make excuses for criminals that remind them of themselves.
    People will often focus on another groups crimes than look at their own.

    Should women be held to the same to the same standards as men? Absolutely. And they will be, as soon as they aren’t excused for being your sister. As soon as they aren’t dismissed as crazy when they are really just hysterical. Wait, that came out wrong.

    What I really mean is the roots of these crimes are messy. Abuse is almost like a epidemic in America at this point. It is passed from victim to victim like a virus. Through generations. I am not excusing a crime. She should be held accountable for her actions. I mean, there was no consent, I am assuming?

    However, nothing will stop unless she gets medical attention. She will get out, keep abusing, and pass that abuse on to others like maybe her children. And we will just shake our heads and put more people in jail.