AMD Bulldozer is a Flop

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. If they had just marketed it as an 8 core Phenom II, people probably wouldn't have been up in arms about it.

    They tried to make it out to be an i7 competitor and it's just not.
  2. Well it couldn't be a Phenom II because it's nothing like a Phenom II architecturally. Phenom III or a new name would have been fine. The marketing reminds me of that shitty budget ram AMD released a while back with slow timings and marketed it as game memory saying some shit like "get the most out of your gaming rig".... with el cheapo memory with timings as loose as a $2 whore... Just sell these things for what they are, don't make up BS!
  3. Maybe Phenom III would have been fitting. The performance is in the same ball park as the Phenom II chips, but the architecture is different. Calling it an FX implies that it's top of the line when that's not the case. They also should have priced it at least $50 cheaper than what it's at now.
  4. I've noticed most of the gaming PCs being sold are AMD machines so their marketing must have made some deals.
  5. AMD is going back to the Phenom name on it's latest chips... Is it nixing that retarded FX moniker??

    maybe these chips will be AM3 like the old Phenom II chips rather than AM3+! Wouldn't that be weird o.0 and probably anger a few oems.
  6. Wow, I really called it. Looks like this is exactly what they're doing according to the maximum PC article. Bulldozer is now Phenom II X8. LOL.